Friday 20 February 2015

A2Z Series - O Is For Old

Greetings All!

All my boasting about posting on time was for nothing, as once again I am trying to play catch up! Thursdays are just not a good blogging day for me. However at least this week I am only a day late.

The prompt for this week is old, and despite currently trying to use up my older polishes and this being a perfect excuse, I went with an old technique instead. The first nail art technique I ever tried in fact! Back then I though it looked very striking, and yet something I would have been capable of doing (although only just!). It's still one of my favourite styles, because it is quite simple and versatile, but I really like the way it looks.

Good old leopard print!

I used very similar colours to my first leopard print attempt, a bronze base, in this case Butter London The Old Bill, a gold glitter, Sally Hansen Gilded Lily (which is actually very similar to OPI Goldeneye!), and then Barry M Black for the detail.

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