Monday, 15 December 2014

A2Z Series - G For Gold

Greetings All!

Late again. I'm giving up making excuses. I'm getting all the nails done in plenty of time, I'm just struggling to write about them. I would quite like to just post some pictures and then put 'ta da!' and just run away at the moment.

So on that note here are my Gold nails.

I was kind of hoping G was going to be for Gothic so I managed to inject a little bit into this manicure. I'm not normally the biggest fan of the skittle (I kind of prefer my nails to match) but I couldn't decide on a gold or even a style and that is when a skittle comes in very handy! I'll mention again how strange it is that I love gold polish but nothing else gold. I'm currently attempting to try some gold jewellery but I still much prefer silver.

As you may notice my left thumb nail is looking a little...short. Well hold a moments silence because it broke.

Fortunately my left thumb was all warmed up as a substitute. Here it is with 3 coats of OPI Goldeneye, one of my favourite golds. The sparkle and the shade are both just glorious.

On the nails that survived we have W7 Black and Freckles Polish Anne Teak, which isn't quite as gold as some golds but still falls within the category. I was just itching to use it again - this polish has shot right up my list of favourite polishes!

On the black nails we have the classic gold crucifix and gold leaf combo. On Anne Teak I stamped with Konad Black and MoYou Gothic 05 for some subtle black tips.

Looks like I did have things to say about this manicure! I did quite like it.

You can catch up with all the manicures in this series here.

And so on to next weeks. Which is sitting ready. Let's see how late I am with it!


  1. I'm the same. Love gold in my nails but not so much for jewellery or anything else. These are really pretty. Very vampy x

  2. Very vampish and just stunning xx


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