Saturday, 9 August 2014

Colour Me Crazy Challenge Week 5 Blue

Greetings All.

You may or may not have noticed my absence for the last week (probably not). I haven't run out of nails, and I haven't been doing something more exciting. I just haven't had the energy or motivation to hoist myself in front of the computer, and try and think of words to type. I still can't, which is why I'm just being honest. I'm not getting any enjoyment from anything - I've barely even painted my nails this week.

I thought about leaving things until I feel better, but a) who knows when that will be, and b) if I fall behind in the first challenge I've done this year, then that's one more failure to add to the pile. So here are my blue nails.

Barry M Gellys in Blueberry, Damson and Blue Grape for the gradient, Butter London Frilly Knickers for the glitter, and Sally Hansen Nightwatch and Collection 2000 Button Moon for the pretty appalling freehand.


  1. Oh my, been there got that t-shirt, this is first challenge in 18months that I look likely to complete! I had a spell april-May-june this year where I lost interest. I would paint my nails a plain colour and wear it for as long as possible. May be time to have a break, get a few guest posts and recharge yourself

  2. I think the freehand is fab - far from appalling and beyond my capabilities for sure.
    Hope you get your mojo back soon and feel recharged x

  3. Ah, Cazzy, sorry to hear you don't feel energised or motivated - you sound very down. Hope you're feeling more cheerful very soon.

  4. Oh noes =( Sorry to hear this! For what it's worth I think these are gorgeous! Love that blue and the sparkles.
    Maybe do what Emma said, ask for some guest posts and take a week or two off to chill?


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