Friday, 31 January 2014

UK Indies - Indy's Indies Chinese New Year Polishes

Greetings All!

Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate I have some festive polishes from Indy's Indies to share with you. That's another thing I love about indie polishes - you can get the perfect polish to go with any occasion or event, all year round.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Feeling Flameish

Greetings All!

Today I have some flame nails! Way back in August I did some flame nails inspired by a manicure over on Misch's Beauty Blog. I always used to paint my nails black, then paint the flames on. This way you make a gradient for the flame colours, then fill in with black. I much prefer the effect!

They still aren't the best flame shapes ever, but you can tell what they're meant to be! I couldn't decide whether to do blue/green flames or pink/purple ones - watch out for pink and purple soon!

I used Barry M Gellys in Key Lime, Guava and Blue Grape for the gradient, then drew flame shapes (kind of!) with W7 Black.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

UK Indies - Magic Goose Polish Swatches

Greetings All!

I'm trying to get my posts a bit more regular, but obviously I'm struggling quite a bit! The blog will be taking a very slightly different direction this year, but one thing you can count on remaining the same is UK indie polish swatches!

Today I have two polishes from the Magic Goose Pure Inspiration Collection to share with you. First up is She Brewed Me A Potion, 2 coats solo.

I was very impressed with the dark, decadent purple base. Sometimes polishes like this have quite a sheer base, and you can't wear them without undies. This was perfect in 2 coats, and it's such a dark, rich purple colour, it's perfect! It still lets the glitter shine through though. That seems to me like a very difficult balance to strike, so kudos Emma!

I also wore it matte.

I think it really shows up the depth of glitter! And how dark that base is - in some places it looks almost black. SO my kind of polish!

Next up is Beautiful Blue Eyes, a holo. I feel I should have a disclaimer or something regarding my photography - I struggle with capturing the true essence of a holo in direct sunlight, let alone indoors in January! So no picture I take can show the true beauty of a holographic polish. I still have a go though! This is again 2 coats solo.

This is a beautiful dark blue with a bit of teal in there. The holo is described as 'scattered and subtle', but I have to disagree with that a little bit! Even lit by my bedside lamp on a January evening, this was throwing out plenty of rainbow!

I've been very impressed with the Magic Goose brand. There's plenty of variety, and so far everything I've tried has been a perfect 2 coater (gotta love that convenience!).

You can buy Magic Goose polish here.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Funky Tiger

Greetings All!

I have a quick stamped manicure to share with you today. I recently got the new larger sized version of the first Bundle Monster stamps, and I thought it might be fun to use the smaller and larger images together (or maybe to justify to myself that yes, I need both versions!). At the moment, the smaller images fit comfortably on my index and little fingers, and I used the larger image for the other nails.

The stamps are BM16 and BM022, stamped with Barry M Plum over Beauty UK White sponged with Essie Lights.

As well as being larger, the newer versions seem to be more deeply etched, and gave a crisper, darker image. I'll still keep both sets though!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

NEW UK Indies - Belle Glamour Thermal Polishes

Greetings All!

This evening I have swatches from a brand new indie polish maker. Belle Glamour launched just this month,  and I bought two thermal polishes, because who can resist thermal polish?! I certainly can't, even in January when my hands are cold all the time!

Dark Forresst is a dark olive green when dark, and a pale gold when warm. It has a lot of gold shimmer and it dries to a lovely suede finish. I used three coats here.

I kind of love this as it is, without even taking into account the thermal effect! The combination of the colour, the shimmer and the finish just look so good! The first coat was a little sheer, but it built up really nicely.

Now for some thermal transition pics!

Getting these photos can be really tricky (again, Winter. Cold), but I weirdly enjoy doing them!

I really like the colour change through green to gold. It's a lovely polish!

Finally, with topcoat.

(I prefer it matte)

Lagoon is a perfectly named blue thermal, with a pretty sparkle. It goes from medium blue to a very pale blue. Again, the first coat was quite sheer, but it built up well in 3 coats.

This polish also dries to a suede finish, but in this case I preferred it with topcoat, to bring out the sparkle.

I didn't manage to get much of a gradient effect this time, but I'm going to blame the cold again for that! Lagoon is quite sheer when warm, but it's gorgeous when cold, and if I'd managed to get the gradient I'm sure it would have been stunning. Next time!

You can buy Belle Glamour polish here. The thermals are currently available, but they are limited edition!

Monday, 20 January 2014

UK Indies - Pocket Money Polishes January Collection

*These products were provided for review*

Greetings All!

Today I have swatches of the latest collection from Pocket Money Polishes. It seems like forever since the December Collection - almost two months, which isn't long at all really. I'm just always impatient to see what Charlie comes up with next! This month's collection is slightly smaller, with three polishes, but one especially is super fabulous!

Ready? Let's dive in!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pretty Poundland Polishes

Greetings All!

Today I have some polishes that are, I suppose, doubly pretty. Firstly they are from a brand called Pretty. Secondly, they're pretty! I see this brand a lot in Pound shops, but I haven't been able to find much about them online (because if you search for 'pretty nail polish' you get...polishes that are pretty!).

I've had these for a couple of months - I did the classic 'grab it because it's only a Pound', but I kind of assumed they might be a bit rubbish. They aren't. I finally got round to swatching them over Christmas, and I'm very impressed with them!

Firstly my favourite, a turquoisey shade from their Leather effect range (they don't seem to have names).

First thing to get out of the way - I would not describe this as a leather polish. It is however a beautiful suede effect polish. I love the shade, and although you can see the silver glitter up this close, at normal distance it's gorgeous. It reminds me of  suede version of OPI Austin-tacious Turquoise, if such a thing existed! I also tried it with topcoat.

Super sparkly!

Next up is one a little similar, a sky blue/turquoise from their Concrete Effect range. Spoiler alert - this is not a textured polish, as you (or I) may expect.

Again it's a suede polish, but this time a delicate blue with larger glitter. It reminds me a bit of warm, tropical water. Not exactly 'concrete', but still very lovely!

Lovelier with topcoat.

It's made the blue go all...jelly and delicious! 2 coats for both these suedes.

Lastly, a final unnamed polish, from their Scatter Effect range. Glitters in a pale base. It's like...they knew what I wanted!

The base is quite sheer - I used 3 coats here over Essie Waltz. It has a really nice distribution of glitter, which is something you don't always find with cheaper polishes. It isn't unique (I have at least 2 very similar!), but that doesn't stop it being a nice polish!

I was also fairly impressed with application, dry time etc. Being 'cheap' polishes, I was prepared for them to apply horribly, and take forever to dry, but they were quite...normal!

I've seen these polishes in both Poundland and Poundworld, and they have a wide range of styles. I've also tried the Polka Dot Effect (hex glitter in a clear base), Glow In The Dark (nothing that special, but I have been spoiled for glow in the dark polishes!), and I also have a flocking set, and some matte polishes that I haven't tried yet. I would definitely say that they are worth £1!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Rocking Out In Black And Gold

Greetings All!

I've been on holiday from work this week, which has given me the chance to polish my nails a bit more freely! Here's what I've been wearing for the last couple of days.

I couldn't decide between skulls and studs, so I did them both! The little black studs I especially like - they're very thin, so they sit nice and flat and are easily sealed in with topcoat. I get my studs (and the majority of my nail art bits) from various sellers on eBay. I had a bit of a session yesterday - my studded nails put me in the mood to buy more studs!

I used OPI Black Onyx, Barry M BLE 2012 A, Barry M Gold Foil and Konad Black. The stamps are from the Viva Mexico Cheeky plate, BM323 and MoYou N13.

Monday, 13 January 2014

UK Indies - NailsInspire Fairy Lights (Thermal Polish)

Greetings All!

This evening I finally have swatches of a really beautiful polish, honestly one of my favourite polishes bought last year. The thermal effect is fantastic, and it's loaded with glitter too. It has been very difficult to photograph though. Which is why it's taken me a couple of months to put a post together!

This is 3 coats of NailsInspire Fairy Lights.

It's bright pink when cold, and a pale pinky white when warm. Now here are my awesome transition pics!

It's the wonderful mix of glitter that makes this one extra special, and the fact that the colour change is so very striking. There are four polishes in this collection, and for once I'm showing you something that is currently available! You can buy NailsInspire polishes here, although stocks are limited!