Thursday, 12 February 2015

A2Z Series - N Is For New

Greetings All!

I'm managing to post on time again for this challenge! Only because I am off work this week though. So I have no excuse.

This week the prompt is New. I've decided to try something...not new exactly. Succeeding at it would be new! Something I'm terribly put off by, I have failed at in the past (more than once), and can strike fear in the heart of many an experienced nail artist. The dreaded water marble. I actually tried to water marble.

I tried and succeeded! On both hands! Which feels pretty good. I have been trying to 'up my game' a little bit for this challenge (mostly trying to keep up with everyone else!) and so far it's mostly going to plan.

I used Barry M Gellys in Lychee and Guava, and Barry M Bright Purple.

You can catch up with all the manicures from this challenge here.


  1. Your water marble turned out great. I have yet to succeed at one. I love the color combo you used.

  2. Wow, that worked just perfectly!! :)


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