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British Nail Bloggers: Models Own Scented Fruit Pastel Collection

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On Friday I was having a little look in Boots, not for anything in particular, just a browse, when I noticed the Models Own stand had new pretties. The scented fruit pastel collection, and the iced neons! They were three for two, so I ended up leaving with the whole pastel collection, as well as one neon (the purple. More on that at a later date!)

They are ever so pretty, delicate and perfect for spring! I did kind of buy them for the novelty of the scent (full disclosure - my mum kindly bought them for me), but the scent quickly became less important than the polish itself.

The usual housekeeping - all but the purple needed three coats. The first coat for all of them was incredibly streaky, but they build fairly well. Application wasn't the best - I ended up with a ball of polish at the top of my nail, then streaking all down my nail. Too much effort for my liking! It really didn't spread very well at all. They were also touch dry within 5 minutes, but still quite soft and wet underneath for a couple of hours (as I discovered when I gouged a decent chunk out of one about two hours after applying!). They all smell very nice though - the scents are quite subtle on the nail.

First up is Apple Pie. This smells like green apple bubble bath.

It's a lovely, very pale green colour. They aren't bright pastels - they all have a pale, muted quality which I love. This is a great colour, and it would be great as a base for nail art, or worn alone.

Next is Banana Split. This is my favourite scent - rich and banana-y, it reminds me of banana flavoured rice crispies I used to eat as a child (or banana sambuca I used to drink as a student!)

This is a really gorgeous pastel yellow - it's like a rich, creamy banana milkshake, almost good enough to drink (almost lol). Although streaky, this wasn't any more streaky than a lot of yellows out there.

Grape Juice was my instant favourite. I do love a good lilac. This was the only one to need 2 coats. And the scent? Well, mine was apple scented! Don't really know what happened there. Definitely apple though.

I love the colour of this. It's pale and cool and fresh but still bright, and it's a really gorgeous shade for Spring, especially for Easter! This is the one that I gouged a chunk out of - about 2 hours after putting it on. It was still very gooey underneath, although the surface was completely dry.

Strawberry Tart has quite a strong, pleasant strawberry scent.

It's a very pale, ever so slightly peachy pink. For anything except nail polish, I would hate the colour of this - it's a super girly pastel baby pink. Bleurgh! Fortunately it is nail polish, and I do love it (I'm weird. Anything goes on my nails!)

Last but not least is Blueberry Muffin. I love the smell of blueberry muffins, and this is pretty spot on. Yummy!

I'm coming around to blue. I've never disliked it, but I've rarely chosen to wear it. I have some gorgeous blues though (including THE perfect polish!), most of them on the paler side! This is very nice though - soft and powdery and dusky and very pretty.

All in all, these were a pain to apply, but I do think they were worth it. The scented novelty soon wore off for me, although I did smell my nails quite a bit, which must look like the weirdest thing ever! The colours are beautiful - lovely worn alone, but also great for nail art (vintage style nails anyone?). I would definitely recommend a coat of Seche over the top though, as I had issues with them drying. I will be wearing all of these again though - hopefully they will herald the arrival of Spring? It's nowhere to be seen yet!

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  1. Do they only smell whilst they're drying or does it stick around for a while? I've always been perplexed by the idea of scented nail polish, myself

    1. Me too! While they are drying they just smell like nail polish. The smell develops once the polishy smell fades. The smell does seem to stick around the purple one still smelt of apples the next day. I didn't properly wear test them though.

    2. Hmm, that's a bit odd. I think I'd prefer them to smell when drying and not when they're dry!
      Someone needs to test smell longevity, if that's not really weird!

    3. Lol that is weird! Needs to be done though!

  2. Nooo I'm going to have to buy all these now!! they look so beautiful!! I'm a sucker for pastels x

  3. this collection is just perfect!
    I want them all :D

  4. How do you apply your nail Polish so well? I bought these recently and I had to paint so many coats to make them even. In the end it didn't work out because they took to long to dry and I accidentally scratched my nail and..stuff happened. Please help me!!


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