Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Greetings All!

Sorry for shouting, but I'm excited. I accidentally found THE perfect polish. I don't know if there's someone I should contact, I don't know who's in charge of Nail Polish, but they need to know because basically there is no reason to make any more!

Am I exaggerating? No. But let me start at the beginning. I was on eBay, and they have this little thing that suggests items for you based on what is in your watch list. There are a lot of Innisfree polishes in my watch list (basically all the ones I don't have lol). I love Innisfree polishes - they are beautiful, and unusual, and I especially love their glitters and flakie jellies. I did a big old swatch post about them HERE. eBay suggested I might like another polish brand from the same seller, Etude House Dear My Party. They looked pretty, so I ordered 4 (then you get one free!). You know how it goes with these - you find three you want, and then you have to make up the numbers with a fourth. I went back and forth between a couple, but finally settled on this one as my fourth. The 'make up the numbers' polish.

When they arrived 10 days later (from Korea! I was impressed with the speed) I actually did a little dance. Four polishes so pretty I couldn't stand it! I swatched this one first, and it was so pretty I literally couldn't take it off. I had to swatch the other three on my other hand, and then paint it to match, and I didn't take it off for nearly 2 days.

I guess I should show it to you now huh? I've indulged a little with the pictures, but it had to be done!

I'm having trouble coming up with words here! The bottle is super cute - it has a little raised heart design on the bottle, and the lid is pink, which makes it look like toy nail polish! It applied beautifully - it has a nice wide brush, and the glitter all deposited evenly. No dabbing, no fishing, just perfect placement. This is 2 easy coats and the crelly formula is just perfect - 2 coats leaves no VNL, but it allows the glitter from the first coat to peek through. And the colour? Gorgeous. A fresh, cool, pale dusty blue, with gold, and dark and light blue hexes of different sizes. The colours together are just perfect, and the glitter lies flat enough to barely need topcoat. The only problem is its name - PPP503 (seriously?!)

I can't describe how much I love this. It's just pure perfection. I'm planning on ordering at least 2 more bottles. Maybe 4. Do I even need to buy any more polish? Because I'm not sure this can be topped. And who knew the perfect polish would be blue? I never would have guessed.

I bought mine HERE, but there are a couple of sellers who stock this brand. It's amazing by the way - full of glitters, flakies and all sorts (I've also got my eye on the ice cream ones!), lots of crellys with glitter like this one!

I do have three others to show you, but this one deserved to stand alone! One more picture, and then I'll stop, I promise!


  1. I am a big fan of this brand as well - made a review of some of their stuff on my blog. If you want the name of the bottle is celeb girl *some ebay adds have thier names posted in english*
    it realy is a pretty polish ;) here is my review sry 4 the link spam:


  2. I found a seller that has names as well as the code numbers for them. I dunno if they made them up or they're from the company, but for what it's worth... This one is called Celeb Girl.


    Of course, everybody seems to be out of stock on PWH902 - Sparkling Champagne. :P


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