Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Peachy Keen

Greetings All!

OK so it's official. I am obsessed with this brand of nail polish! I got some new shades this week (and I've already ordered some more!) and I have some pretty amazing results to share!

So what's so great about these? Well, I like the bottle, the little rubber grip on the brush, and the brush itself, which is nice and wide, and fans out to cover pretty much the entire nail. The colours are beautiful - rich and pigmented. They dry quickly and have a lovely shiny finish (no topcoat needed!). All of them have cost me from £1 to £1.49 each (which is such a bargain).

But most importantly, I've been wearing this shade for 24 hours. Now, that is impressive by itself. I rarely wear nail polish for more than a day, unless I really really like it. But I've also been at work today. My nail polish never survives work. I work in a bakery and there's a lot of 'hand work' involved - packing bread and things, opening boxes, fetching and carrying, I'm basically using my hands for everything the entire time. My nails break regularly. My nail polish chips and wears constantly, to the point where I rarely wear it to work at all (I'm not really supposed to at all, but I have an addiction!). I remember the first time I wore OPI to work, I was so excited because it lasted all day without chipping.

Anyway, this is Peachy Keen about an hour ago, after being applied last night. It took 4 coats, but it was worth it! This is with no topcoat.

No chips! And only the tiniest hint of wear on the tips, barely visible because of the colour. It's a very pretty colour too - a very pale peach with a hint of pink, slightly brighter than you would use for a french manicure. Great for Spring, and suitable for work! The surface is still silky smooth too - I often get little scratches and scuffs, especially without topcoat.

So I know 24 hours isn't especially long-wearing for nail polish, but as I said, for my lifestyle it is incredible! And I'm keeping it on, so I can really test the wear of it. Wear time isn't a massive factor for me, because I do change my polish so frequently, but I am still very impressed!

So if you're in the UK and you don't own any of these yet, well you should! People have been finding these in Poundland stores, but you can also buy them HERE from Fragrance Direct (which keeps restocking new colours!) for £1.49 each, or also HERE at Xtras Online for £1.99 (but they do have a much bigger range).


  1. Beautiful. I've seen the range on fragrance direct but I've had to stop myself cos I'd buy them all!

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