Sunday, 3 March 2013

Black Cat Lacquer: Ecstasy

Greetings All!

Hope you're all having a good weekend! Mine has been a bit hit and miss, but I did get LOADS of swatching done, so I'm almost spoiled for choice for what to post!

These Black Cat Lacquers have been driving me a bit crazy lol. I think these might be the polishes that infect me with the indie bug! I'm seriously loving them and I can't stop swatching them to see how they look over all different colours! I'm also really happy with the formula - there has been minimum dabbing, and they've all gone on really easily, only needing one or two coats.

Today I'm showing you Ecstasy. This was another polish I kind of had second thoughts about. I thought maybe it was a little pale. Here's what Sabrina had to say about it "You'll be raving over this one! Ecstasy is made of all matte glitter all shapes including SHARDS!"

It was the matte glitter that sold me lol

As you can see, Ecstasy is a gorgeous mix of blue, yellow and pink microglitter, pink hexes, and blue, pink and red shards, all matte! This is 2 coats on its own. I'm not always a fan of shards - it depends how flat they lie on the nail. These lay very flat! Application was very easy, barely any touchups needed. This is with top coat, but to be honest, I also like it without!

Here's one coat over W7 Black, no top coat. It really pops over a darker colour and although textured, it isn't as gritty or bumpy as I thought it would be. I especially love the micro glitter over black.

This is over OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y? an untried! I didn't even know it was a jelly! And yes, I do think it's pretty Tex-y lol. You do lose the pink and red a little, I thought a darker pink would still let them show, but the blue and yellow looks amazing over this.

Aaand finally (see, I told you! Swatching crazy!) over OPI A Grape Fit. I love that this looks like a completely different polish over a lighter colour. It's much softer and blends together into a dreamy glitter, instead of the fireworks you see over darker colours. It's very versatile.

You can buy Black Cat Lacquer HERE at Etsy. All of Sabrina's polishes look beautiful and I will definitely be going back for more!

All polishes were purchased by me and all opinions are my own

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