Monday, 25 March 2013

Models Own Black Nail Art Pen and Gold Polish

Greetings All!

Another new week begins! I swatched so much polish last week! I have lots of lovely things to show you this week. But first...

I got this set of a small gold polish (without a name) and a black nail art pen just before Christmas. If I remember correctly, it was free with the purchase of two Models Own products (which was always going to be nail polish!) or something like that.  I don't often use nail art pens, I'm always worried they won't be thin enough! This is the type with a brush, but also a little nib that you can apparently draw with if you squeeze the bottle. I'm put off by that because you need to be good at drawing, but also you have to keep a consistent pressure, and...nah. Too much effort!

I did use the brush part though. I painted my nails with the gold (which is very pretty by the way!) and an accent nail in W7 Black. Then I basically just doodled on my nails! It isn't very good, but it was fun!

I like my middle finger, and I LOVE the vines on my ring finger (look out for this again in the future lol). Seriously though, those gold vines on the black look amazing! The other nails are a bit rubbish - I'm happy to admit that! I couldn't think of anything to draw, so I literally just started drawing shapes and swirls. I found it very fun and liberating to not try and turn it into a design.

The pen is quite good. You can see a couple of streaks here and there, but it was easy to use, and it wasn't too thick to draw with.

Look out for more Models Own later in the week!

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  1. How pretty, it really reminds me of henna designs! I could totally see those designs reaching down your fingers and turning into one big design!


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