Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Color Club Halo Hues Eternal Beauty and Kismet

Greetings All!

Today is my first post with the British Nail Bloggers. It's a group on Facebook for, surprisingly, nail bloggers who are British! I know that people read this blog all over the world, which is awesome, but obviously I write from a British perspective, and it's nice that we have the same brands of polish, shops, references etc.

I need to make some BNB additions to the blog, but then I need to make some other additions too! Pad this thing out a bit. I've got some time off work coming up, so hopefully I can spend a day or two tinkering around.

So, on to today's nails. As I'm posting with BNB for the first time, I wanted something special, something a little bit exciting. I did want to go with a British brand, but then yesterday we finally got a bit of sunshine here, so I knew I had to wear some holos! I've been having a lot of difficulty trying to photograph the New Color Clubs, even though they are crazy holographic in nearly all lights!

First up is Eternal Beauty, a lovely purple. Purple seems to go really well with holographic, I'm not sure why, but it's a great combination. And this is one heck of a holographic polish.

See?! These are definitely the strongest holos I have seen. Stronger than Jade and Layla (at least the ones I own), and while sunlight makes them light up like some sort of science-fiction on your nails, they are also very colorful indoors too! What I really loved is that with some holo polishes (holishes?) you have to wait for them to dry for the effect to develop, and they just have silver glitter while wet. These are like painting a rainbow onto your nail. The first brush stroke, I was amazed at the stripe of colour I had just put on my thumb!

Here is a shot in the shade, but you can still get a bit of holo coming off my thumb!

Next up is Kismet. I got this from Sally Magpies, which is fast becoming the British Llarowe. She had Jade, Ozotic, Picture Polish and loads of other hard to find brands, including Color Club! Kismet is a very pale, slightly green gold.

Just look at those flames! I did think maybe this could be a work wear polish, but the rainbow is far too strong in nearly all lights. It's almost hard to see the gold in some lights, because it just looks like a rainbow on my nails. Love!

Both of these shades were very easy to apply, both 2 coaters with no top coat, they dried fairly quickly and I can't wait to get more! I definitely need the black one, and maybe some others too lol. Color Club have really outdone themselves with this collection, they should be very proud!

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  1. Oooh the purple one is stunning! :D

  2. love the effect in the sun light :D

  3. I love these polishes s, they look great on your nails!


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