Saturday, 9 March 2013

Barry M Gellys Blood Orange and Watermelon

Greetings All!

I told you I was going through my Barry Ms! These 2 are from last years Gelly collection, that I haven't got around to trying out. Naughty me, because these are both gorgeous! As always, great formula, they have such a shiny finish and although not jellys, they do have a certain squishiness to them which is lovely. Both of these took 2 coats with no topcoat

First up is Blood Orange, which isn't really orange but a bright, blood red colour. Of course my camera seems to think all reds are actually orange, but then at which point does orange become red? lol

The third picture shows the true colour a bit better. This is one of those 'classic reds', rich and bright, but super glossy. I do love red polish and I don't wear it enough. Hopefully this will encourage me!

Next is Watermelon. 2 coats of deep dark green perfection!

Look at this! Once again, a green polish that I love. It's dark and moody and is going to make a great base for nail art! If I can bear to cover it up that is. This was nearly a one coater, but because of the thin brush and  my wide nails I needed 2.

So there you go! Tomorrow, I'll show you my untried glitters. Then, I'll have tried all my Barry Ms, and they can be neatly stacked in my Helmer. Yay!

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