Wednesday, 13 March 2013

British Nail Bloggers: Beauty UK Antique Chic and Pinkabloo...or is it

Greetings All!

Here is another weekly BNB post! Those of us in the British Nail Bloggers Facebook group do one post a week where we all link up to help spread and share the British Nail love! As I have said before, the international nature of nail polish and nail art is fantastic, the fact that people from all over the world come together over nail polish is amazing, but obviously I write from a British point of view, and it is nice to have people who understand my references (Poundland, W7, Asda etc).

Today I have a British brand to show you. Beauty UK I had been aware of for a while, I found some of their polishes once in TK Maxx, but they didn't seem to be great quality, so I assumed it was quite a small, budget brand.

I was in Superdrug the other week when I noticed some sparkly glitters with shiny silver lids (I'm such a magpie lol) that were made by Beauty UK. At £3.49 each, they were cheap but not 'budget'. I still decided to take a chance (it's difficult to go wrong with glitter!) and left with two - Antique Chic, and Pinkabloo.

Both swatches are over Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Crinoline.

Antique Chic is a very busy mix of; red, blue, green, purple, silver and gold glitters, in a clear base. It has hexes of different sizes, tiny glitter and SQUARES! This is 2 coats.

There is maybe slightly too much going on here. So many colours and sizes makes it difficult to pick anything out, but it is very pretty and I like how small everything is. The little squares are tiny! I would say that one coat might be better, as a sparse topper, but it is quite clumpy and I found it difficult to get an even coverage with one coat. I think I'll have to try it over black before I let you know if I like it or not!

Now, for Pinkabloo. I initially just bought this because it was pretty (and shiny. Again, magpie!) and it had a slightly unusual mix of colours. Pink, purple, and light blue hexes, with a purple glitter, all in a clear base. I hadn't seen anything like that before. Or had I? It was only once I got home, I was reminded of another glitter that seemed to have the exact same composition - OPI, from the new Euro Centrale collection. Here's 2 coats of Pinkabloo.

Now, unfortunately I don't have (and now I don't need it!) but there is an excellent comparison post HERE by Emma, at Imagination in Colour. Basically OPI is the better quality polish (obviously), but colour wise they are exactly the same, and Pinkabloo is about a third of the price! Which is perfect for me, because although I love glitters, I'm probably not going to wear this enough to justify spending OPI prices on it. What's really amazing is was on my wish list, and I bought Pinkabloo without even noticing that it's similar! So obviously I'm pretty happy right now!

Beauty UK polishes are available from Superdrug. Possibly other places too, but not that I'm aware of!

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  1. I quite like Pinkaboo!

  2. Love both of these! I've seen this brand recently but have been unsure whether to buy anything cos like you said, I kind of assumed it was a cheap brand. But both of these glitters are stunning! I love the multi-coloured one: I got a similar one from poundland but I don't think it's as 'glitterfull' as this one - not tried it out yet.
    These both look very pretty, thanks for sharing! X


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