Monday, 11 March 2013

Stamping With DRK-B: Black and Gold Wallpaper

Greetings All!

Another new week begins! Last week I got stamping plate DRK-B from Ninja Polish. I read that they had lovely big designs (no more double stamping my thumb?) and I can now confirm that yes, the designs are HUGE and easily cover my nails, which is fantastic!

So far I've only tried one stamp, but I actually gasped when I saw the first nail! It stamped flawlessly, and although scraping a bigger design was a little tricky, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it (I'll be getting plenty of practice!).

So, at this point I could probably just throw away all my other plates and just keep this one design. I LOVE it! My favourite style of stamp, and the larger size means you can get different bits of the design on each nail, so that they match but don't look exactly the same. I even managed to stamp my index and pinky finger using just one stamp!

Oh and in case it's not obvious by now, the black is W7 Black and the gold is Barry M Gold Foil!

Prepare yourself to see a lot of DRK-B over the next few weeks! You can buy DRK plates from Ninja Polish HERE


  1. omg these are lush! i love the design and the colours are just classic :)

  2. pretty ^^
    looks so elegant I thin :)


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