Monday, 18 March 2013

Accessorize Ladybird

Greetings All!

Another new week begins! Today I wanted to share with you a polish I saw swatches of, and had to go out and buy that same day! This was a couple of months ago though, and although I swatched it on one finger, it's been sitting in the untried pile ever since!

Accessorize do a lovely range of polishes - metallics, glitters, duochromes, all sorts! They also have a range of glitter polishes very similar to the Nails Inc Sprinkles range, or the W7 range (that I don't know the name of! You can see two of them HERE though, and the third one can be found HERE). They have 3 that seem to me to be exactly the same as those 3 W7 polishes, but several that are different.

After debating whether to get more than one, I only bought Ladybird (the one I set out to buy). Black small glitter, in a rasberry jelly base! Red with black glitter? Of course I had to have it! People online had recommended putting it over a matching base, so you can just use one coat of the glitter. I did do that, but I decided to go for 2 coats of the glitter. I found it to be a little clumpy and difficult to apply, so I went for 2 coats, to try and even it out.

Isn't she lovely? Maybe not quite the right red for Ladybird, but still really gorgeous. Left shiny, it looked a bit like dried blood on my nails, so I made it matte (that's why there's a little white dot on my ring finger - apologies! I must clean the bottle lol). I think it probably would look better with the glitter slightly sparser, or maybe with anther colour added, next time I will have to be more careful when applying it. Apart from that, I love it!

I bought this from Superdrug (my local Accessorize doesn't stock their own range of makeup?!) for I believe £3.49 for 10ml. The W7s are £1.95 for 15ml, so I would definitely go for those three over the Accesorize ones (the black and white one is called Leopard Moth. That's all I can remember! But there's a black white and red one the same as W7 Lava Flow, and a blue navy and gold one, exactly the same as W7 Mosaic, which is in turn the same as Nails Inc Pudding Lane!). I would however recommend the shades that are different. They're cute, and unusual! There's an orange one called Bumblebee I've got my eye on!

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  1. It is very dense with black glitter, I kind of like that though. Really daft that they don't stock their own cosmetics though.


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