Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Etude House - All the way from South Korea!

Greetings All!

Yesterday I showed you the perfect polish, from a Korean brand called Etude House that I accidentally found on eBay. I bought three others at the same time, that are nearly as pretty! All in all I am super impressed with this brand and I will definitely be ordering more of them! The shipping prices from the US have put me off a little bit, but these could be mistaken for indie polishes and they have free shipping!

I have been told that these do have names instead of just numbers, so I've been good and searched them out for you! Most of the listings on eBay just seem to have the numbers though

The first polish I put in my basket was PPK001 Prom Queen. A pale pink crelly with rainbow glitter!

Think China Glaze It's A Trap-eze, but in pink! It dries slightly more salmon than in the bottle, but it's gorgeous! There are literally all the colours in the rainbow in there - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple! The yellow is gold, and there's also some silver in there, which looks white. It is so cute and pretty, I love it!

Next up is PPK006, Party Lover. I assumed this would be similar to Prom Queen but in lilac, but it's a very sheer, soupy base so this is 1 coat over Collection 2000 Dynasty.

This is a pretty mix of silver, gold, bronze, spring green and I think black hexes (definitely something dark!), and purple and silver glitter in a soupy iridescent lilac base. You could maybe get full coverage in 4+ coats, it's very sheer. I think the addition of green is a great touch, it makes this perfect for spring. I would also love to layer it over some different colours! Not what I was expecting (a crelly) but really lovely!

Lastly is the polish that made me click on the polish. Extremely eyecatching! PWH905 Boom Boom Boom is a heady mix of black, red, white, silver and purple diamonds, and black and white bars in a clear base. I layered this over Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Commander in Chic.

This is a hot mess and I love it! It required quite a lot of fishing and dabbing for the glitter, and the base is quite thick, but I love how chaotic it is! It's such a random crazy mess.

I bought these from eBay HERE they cost a little over £5 each and I think they are absolutely worth it! They're cute and unusual, and they're actually really good polishes (easy application, fast drying time etc)


  1. Gorgeous! really unique polishes!

  2. Wow - these are gorgeous!

    I've been lemming this brand for ages - off to check out your shopping link now; thanks so much for this post :)))

  3. I love Etude House nail polish too ^^ ~~
    The last one is my favorite :D

  4. I adore these, especially the pink and the blue you previously posted. I really want to get them, but I did just have a bit of a spending spree on polishes so I shouldn't get any more yet :-( Thanks for showing us them though! X


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