Monday, 4 March 2013

Snow Leopard Print

Greetings All!

Another new week! Without a challenge, I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what to post, so I thought I would share with you a manicure I did right at the end of last year, actually in preparation for this blog! I guess it's quite winter themed so I need to post it soon, as hopefully spring will be coming in a couple of weeks (please!). It's just a slightly different take on the standard leopard print manicure.

OPI Swedish Nude, sponged with Asda Witchcraft and stamped with 17 Smoke Signal and BM221 to make snow leopard nails! I also made them matte. These are so cute and to be honest I had near enough forgotten about them! I personally like to do my leopard print in metallics, so it's nice to have something much softer and more delicate.

Hope you like them!


  1. Wow this is lovely, havent seen anyone else do snow leopard nails before :)


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