Thursday, 14 March 2013

Green Week: Color Club Holiday Splendor?

Greetings All!

Another green polish! I may actually have to admit to myself that I like green polish.

I bought this polish before Christmas - I thought a bit of green glitter would be pretty much mandatory! On eBay it was listed as Holiday Splendor, but it doesn't have a label. It also doesn't look like pictures of Holiday Splendor I have seen! It isn't holographic, and it's a different shade of green. It looks a lot like Object of Envy. Suspicious? A little. Either way it's a lovely emerald green glitter. Perfect for Christmas, perfect for St Patrick's Day, or any time you need a bit of green glitter! It's the quintessential emerald colour. This is 2 coats, with topcoat.

Application was great - 2 easy coats for full coverage. It's fairly textured, but a thick topcoat really smooths it out and makes it so sparkly! I guess if I could only have one green glitter polish, it would be this one because it's a perfect, stereotypical green colour.

Can you believe that's nearly all of my green glitter polishes? I only have 5?! (The other is China Glaze Winter Holly). Five is just not enough! I have plenty of other greens though, don't worry! Tomorrow I might even show you some St Patrick's Day theme nail art (spoiler alert: I will.)

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