Friday, 22 March 2013

Models Own Copper Pot and Stamping

Greetings All!

Just a quick post. I've had this polish since the Autumn, and I've never worn it! I thought it would be perfect for Autumn, but I tend to shy away from using shimmer polishes because they never look as good as in the bottle! This one is a copper shimmer, with a hint of green iridescence.

Fairly recently I've discovered that I really like the look of shimmer polishes under stamping, especially black stamping. I've been using my DRK-B plate again, I officially love it! The images are actually too big for all my nails, so it takes a lot of the hassle out of positioning the stamp correctly to make sure it covers my nail. I'll definitely be getting DRK-A and C, eventually!

Today I chose a floral stamp, and I used Konad Black, over 2 coats of Copper Pot (it wasn't as sheer as I feared it might be!)

I also tried it with matte topcoat.

This week I've been sorting through my top coats, and testing them out. This one smudged my stamping, even after I left it for about 10 minutes! I keep topcoats like that for when I do gradients (they're pretty good for blending). Apart from that, I love these nails! And it gives me a good reason to wear more shimmers!


  1. With the matte topcoat I'll like it most

  2. i prefer it with the shiny coat hehee :D


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