Friday, 1 March 2013

Black Cat Lacquer: Fire Woman

Greetings All! This post is picture heavy!

I told you I had something special coming! A couple of weeks ago I ordered some Black Cat Lacquer polishes from Etsy and they arrived on Wednesday. I've had them bookmarked for a while, and around Valentine's Day, the lovely Sabrina had a 20% off event, so I took the plunge! I know it's a very popular indie brand, and my own 2 black cats meant I was desperate to get some polishes in their honour.

I know these aren't from brand new collections - many of you have probably seen them before. But as I'm still new to indies, I went with the ones I liked best! I'm also going to post about each of them separately, so that I can give each of them the attention they deserve, rather than putting them all in one post.

Today is Fire Woman. This was the one polish that I wasn't sure about. When I was waiting for them to arrive and looking them over (and over lol) on Etsy, I did wonder what made me choose this one. The answer? My total innate awesomeness, of course!

Sabrina describes Fire Woman as "a rising fire made of red, yellow, black, gold & crimson glitters that looks like a burning flame!" She's not wrong! This is a truly gorgeous polish. I was worried it would be a bit boring, red and gold with a bit of black, but I was so wrong!

Here's 1 and a bit coats over OPI The Thrill of Brazil (which I happened to be wearing when it arrived!). The formula is really good - I was a little wary because it is quite thick, but it still applied easily. I did one coat, then came back and did a couple of touch ups, for all these swatches. The colour mix is beautiful - it really is evocative of fire.

Then things got a little crazy, swatch wise. After being so pleasantly surprised, I wanted to see how versatile this glitter was.

Black and white, fair enough. I know you lose the black glitter over black, but personally I think it's still stunning. And over white, it looks really fiery! Next, I went for a brown colour. And an untried! OPI A-Taupe The Space Needle.

Again, really lovely! I love how rich this combination is. And once again, really fiery! I love how the black glitter looks like ash and bits of burnt wood, and the reds and golds are like sparks coming off the fire.

Then I decided to really test how versatile this is. Any glitter polish can go over neutrals. First up I went for W7 Purple, which I have only ever used for nail art and haven't used as a base. It's a really lovely purple!

And yes, it still looks lovely with Fire Woman! Is there anything this polish can't do?! What about blue?

Still amazing! Actually, really amazing! This is 17 Baby Blue, and it's pretty much my favourite blue. It's light and pastel, but still bright and vivid. It looks so clean and fresh under the glitter. It's like a bonfire on a cold winter morning!

Finally, I couldn't resist doing a bit of nail art. I decided to really bring out the fiery nature of Fire Woman!

I started with Asda Witchcraft, then sponged on some black and white, to make my nails look smoky. Then I used Fire Woman, and concentrated it near the tips, to make it look like a fire. And it really does! I put it on a bit thick on my middle finger, so it looks a bit misshapen lol. Gorgeous though.

I can't believe how much I love this polish! Especially after having second thoughts. It's rich and decadent and wonderful! Black Cat Lacquers can be bought HERE, and I thoroughly recommend them. I'll be bringing you another polish (with lots of swatches lol) soon!

This polish was purchased by me, and all opinions are my own!

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