Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter Everyone!

Greetings All!

Happy Easter! It's not really a big deal in our house - I get some chocolate, and a day off work. That's about it! I wasn't even planning on doing any Easter nails - it's basically still Winter here! Then I remembered that there is something I hate about Easter, something that I would wipe off the face of the planet if I had the opportunity. So, I, er, painted it on my nails? Yes. To advertise my hatred.

Yeah, I hate hot cross buns. If you are not aware of these (I think they're a mostly British thing), they are a disgusting spiced bun with dried fruit in and a horrible glaze on the top. They look, smell, and taste disgusting.

Is this an excessive amount of hatred? Maybe. I'll explain. I work in a bakery. In the last week I have seen thousands of packets of these awful buns. But it is Easter. That's understandable, they are an Easter food. I can't really complain about that.

What really makes me want to start breaking things are the customers who demand fresh baked hot cross buns all year round. They complain if they can't have them in August. Have you ever heard of such a thing?! Do people want Christmas cake, or an Advent calendar in May? Do people ask for Easter eggs for Christmas? No. And yet we are the unreasonable ones for wasting our time making things like bread, when apparently we should be making these disgusting buns all day every day. And they are disgusting - they smell foul, they have this glaze on them that glues itself to your hands, and the cross on them is made out of flour and water (mmm, flavourful!). My only hope is that people will choke on them.

So yeah, I really hate hot cross buns! So why not use this opportunity to advertise my hatred?

Polishes Used

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Terracotta
Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Boca Mocha
Barry M Yellow
Barry M Chocolate Brown
OPI Swedish Nude


  1. I can understand you might hate them if you have to work with them, but please don't ban them for the rest of us, I think they're WELL TASTY!
    (Although, you're right, asking for them all year around is unreasonable. You should just hand out recipe cards so people can make their own-my Dad always makes home made ones at Easter and they're YUMMMMMY, especially hot and slathered in butter...)

    You may hate them, but you've represented them very well on your nails, they're perfect!

  2. My hubby always says I am fool who don't like these but showed him your post and told him see there are people like me too....:) btw nice nail art..:)

  3. I love the mani, but I love hot cross buns too. My husband has made two batches of the most perfect ones this week! I don't think they should be eaten all year round though, just once a year as a special treat!


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