Sunday, 10 March 2013

Barry M Random Glitter Swatch Spam!

Greetings All! This post is picture heavy!

As promised, here are all my untried Barry M glitters. There are some real gems in here! I do feel ashamed that I have so many beautiful polishes that have just sat there unused for months. Mind you, if I wore a different polish every day, I would only wear them probably once a year (I think I'm somewhere around the 300 mark, but I'm too scared to count!). I think I just have too many polishes. Obviously, one one hand, you can't have too many! But really you can. Already I have more polish than I will wear in my lifetime. And just this weekend I ordered more! It's a disease lol.

Onto the polishes! I often end up with Barry M polishes I didn't really want, as they are often on a multibuy offer, I usually find 2 I want, then need to make up the numbers lol. I do like their glitters as they are often full coverage (Red Glitter is a particular favourite of mine), and they have more interesting combinations than a lot of other high street brands.

I'll do these alphabetically, so first up is Amethyst Glitter. This gave full coverage in 2 coats and is a mix of blue, pink, purple, black, gold and silver tiny hex glitter.

This is quite a textured glitter, you need a thick topcoat to smooth it all out. It's very sparkly and jewel-y on the nail, but for some reason it didn't really have that 'wow' factor for me. I think I was just hoping for more...something. It is quite a nice peacock type effect though. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Apologies for the shoddy cleanup - to be honest I never really bother with glitters like this. After a couple of hours it usually tidies itself up!

Next is Aqua Glitter, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. Aqua coloured tiny hexes and glitter in a clear base. This is 2 coats over Barry M Greenberry (yay recycling!), with topcoat (again, needed).

Mmm, pretty! Not the most original or exciting, but it has a lovely sparkle and it reminds me of the sea! It looks awesome over Greenberry, but next time I'll team it with a completely different colour to see what that does. To be honest, I was kind of hoping for full coverage, but I think that would take about 4 coats and I'm way too lazy for that!

Thirdly is Pink Sapphire Glitter. Now this was a definite 'make up the numbers' polish because it isn't really the sort of glitter I go for. I thought it might look a bit cheap, and it has bars in it! However these are tiny little bars, so they don't stick out off the nail as much, and they are holographic! Pink Sapphire is a mix of pink microglitter and small hexes, and holographic silver small hexes and tiny bars. This is 2 coats over Barry M Dragonfruit.

Would you just look at all those colours caught in the holo bars?! I like these loads more than the regular sized bars. I always seem to get them sprouting out of my nails, but not these. It's still not maybe the sort of glitter I would choose to wear (it's a bit...messy), but it's a lot nicer than I thought it would be, and I like how dark the pink glitter looks over a pale polish.

Last but not least is Ruby Glitter. This is definitely more my thing, and a little unusual as well! Ruby Glitter is made up of black microglitter and small hexes, and pink hexes (the same as in Pink Sapphire). This is 2 coats, again over Barry M Dragonfruit.

This is at one coat

I thought I would love this, I pretty much love anything with black glitter, but the microglitter makes it look hairy, and again it's very messy. 2 coats is too much, but one isn't enough! I'm going to play around with the application and the base colours though, to see if I can get it to work, because I do want it to work! Maybe one and a half coats over a darker colour? We'll see!

So, a bit of a mixed bag, but hopefully it shows you the range of glitters Barry M have, and these are just four of them! Weirdly my favourite is Aqua Glitter. I never would have predicted that! I assumed Ruby Glitter would be the winner.

I also just remembered I have my final Black Cat Lacquer to share with you! I can't believe I forgot that. I'll share it with you later (spoiler alert - it's amazing!)

I bought all these polishes myself, and surprisingly, Barry M aren't paying me to be 'meh' about their polishes! AKA all opinions are my own.

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