Friday, 1 March 2013

Relaxed 31DC Week 1: Red

Greetings All!

Yeah, so I couldn't keep away from a challenge lol. This is different to the last two though. it's a weekly challenge, so every Friday there will be a new manicure!

This is the older version of the 31 day challenge. I have no idea where it came from originally. I first read about it at Nail Art 101, and I wanted to do it some day, but I have found that a lot of the fun in a challenge comes from looking at other people's nails, to see how they interpreted the theme, so I didn't want to do it by myself. Fortunately Katherine over at Rambles of a Polish Addict has organised this challenge,and I'm thrilled to be taking part! One theme a week means this will take forever though! It won't finish until the end of September! That seems like a long way away, but I'm betting the time will fly.

On to today's nails. During the Flip Flop February Challenge, when I did lightning nails, I almost did them in red instead of black and white, with blue and purple. I wasn't sure it would work though. I realise this means posting two manicures in the same style quite close together, but come on! The theme for today is red...and who knows when I'll get round to doing them otherwise? And they even suit my blog perfectly!

I love these! I even hear thunder when I look at them lol. I think red lightning totally works! I know this looks like orange lightning, that's my camera's fault. I used my brightest red, but it is definitely red, not orange!

I used a base of OPI The Thrill of Brazil, then sponged on Revlon Devilish and W7 Black to create an apocalyptic sky. I drew the lightning on in white first, then went over it in Attitude Red Hot. You can still see a little bit of the white in these pictures, but you couldn't tell in real life. They're so...I don't know. Hellish? Apocalyptic? Metal? There is a band called Red Lightning (I just Googled) but they don't sound very metal. One of them was in Morrissey.

Either way I love these nails. I wish I had used a bit of glitter, but I wasn't sure what colour to use, and the only red glitter I have (Barry M Red Glitter) is insanely dense and would have covered everything!

Make sure to check out everyone else's red nails!

Oh and later on, I'll be bringing you something really special. If I can stop swatching it lol seriously though, epic post coming up later!

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