Friday, 15 March 2013

Green Week: Celtic Nail Art

Greetings All! Another green polish? Oh yes. But. this time I also have some nail art to show you! I ran out of green glitters to share, so today I have used OPI Jade Is The New Black, which is a beautiful deep jade colour, and perfect in 2 coats.

I've been using my DRK-B plate...again. It has a very pretty Celtic knot style stamp, which I used with Barry M Gold Foil.

As you can see, it isn't quite perfect. I've been using a bigger stamper for the bigger stamps, and it's a bit softer than what I'm used to. That's what I'm blaming lol. It is straight though, which is something I usually really struggle with, so I'm happy!

Tomorrow I'll be showing you my favourite green polish!


  1. Ooh nice! Good to know the Barry M Foils work so well for stamping, as I hate mine on it's own!


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