Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Denim Effect Nail Polish...From Asda?!

Greetings All!

What? Yes! I was in Asda today, and I often stop to look at the polishes, sometimes I get a couple when they are on offer (£1!), but today I noticed a new little display, and something that caught my eye. Denim polish! I wasn't too fussed about the Nails Inc denim polish, I love my Leather Effects, but denim really isn't my thing (I don't even own a pair of jeans). However for £3, I thought it was worth a little try, in the name of science!

This polish is essentially a dark blue suede, with lots of silver sparkle. At first I was skeptical (it's a supermarket brand, after all!), but then they are the people responsible for all of my matte finishes, thanks to their excellent (and cheap!) matte top coat. I had to use 2 coats here, but only because I had a couple of streaks. Otherwise I could have got away with one. It dried really quickly too.

I think it does actually kind of look like denim! And I like the cute little bottle, with the leather patch and the jeans cap. I'm loving suedes at the moment too, so overall I'm pretty happy with this purchase! I don't own the Nails Inc, so unfortunately I have no idea if this is a dupe, but from the pictures I've seen, they look quite similar.

This polish is apparently a limited edition, so if you're in the UK and you fancy some denim nails, well you can pick a bottle up with your shopping! That way, you aren't even really buying polish - it's just groceries!


  1. This polish is lovely :) . Think I need it!!

  2. This is actually really nice! I was in ASDA today but didn't think to look for polishes, damn

  3. It looks lovely, have to find it and thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi,
    I am Assistant Web Editor for Nail It! Magazine and we were wondering if we could use the denim polish swatches that you included in this post. It would be a fabric nail story posted online to our website, We would also credit the image to you and link to your blog if you would like.

    Let me know if this would be ok by emailing me back at I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

  5. This is just beautiful! I have to say I am quite surprised such a beautiful polish comes from a supermarket. A lot of supermarkets seem to be stepping up their game when it comes to cosmetics. Also, being that most supermarkets are now strictly cruelty free, it means that they are accessible to those of us who live a cruelty free lifestyle. Great swatches, by the way :)


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