Wednesday, 1 May 2013

She Who Does Nail Art Challenges - Holidays

Greetings All!

Happy May Day! It finally looks like Spring is making it's way to Essex. I've been waiting for the sun to wear some of my holo polishes - some of them are the 'sunlight only' kind, so I haven't been 'wasting' them with all this cold and cloud!

As it's a sunny day (well, at this moment it's sunny. It could change any minute though lol), I thought I would share with you my latest nails for She Who Does Nail Art Challenges, hosted by She Who Does Nails. This week the theme is holidays. I haven't been on a 'proper' holiday (i.e. a week in the sun) for 10 years, to be honest I'm quite happy to stay at home and just have time off work! This summer I'll be going to the zoo (because I'm super cool, obviously) and maybe spend a day in Camden (even though it's rubbish now!), but that would make for some pretty obscure nail art! I guess if I did go on holiday, I would like to sit and have delicious fruity cocktails by a pool, somewhere warm and sunny. Much easier to polish!

I have a new, shorter nail length this week! And for the first time ever, it wasn't because of a break. It was more fear of a break! Work has been pretty hectic lately, and I'm pretty sure I would have lost a couple on Monday if I had left them long. Still, they aren't too short, they're all a similar length and shape (similar, not the same lol), stamping will be easier, and they'll grow back!

For this manicure \I used Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue, and Color Club Endless Summer, from the new Fiesta collection. It seemed fitting! ES didn't gradient especially well, but it just gave a bit of depth, like the deep end of a pool? I then stamped with CH36 and Barry M Gold Foil. I'm pretty happy with the result - summery, bright, and reminiscent of holidays!

Please have a little look at everyone else's holiday nails!

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