Monday, 29 April 2013

University Challenge Nails

Greetings All!

Tonight is the final of University Challenge, which is a TV programme I love. LOVE. I've watched it for years, I take it quite seriously (to the point where I play along, and keep a score!), and it's one of my favourite things on TV If you are not familiar with it, the Wikipedia link is HERE, but it's basically a quiz show featuring university students, and it's a little more challenging than your average TV quiz!

Anyway, tonight is the final, between University College, London, and the University of Manchester, and it's very exciting (to me!), but also sad, because it won't be back on until July :(

I love when people do nerdy, obscure, fanatic nail art - most of the time I have no idea what the reference is! But I still think it's wonderful. And sometimes I'll discover a new TV show, or film or something because of it (I started watching Parks and Recreation after seeing THESE nails on Chalkboard Nails!). So I decided to do my own little nail tribute to University Challenge. Maybe there's only a few people out there that will 'get' this, but I don't care!

I need the pencils for when I'm keeping score!

Unfortunately I can't find a video of the opening titles anywhere, which is what these are based on! But here is the logo

(from, who appears to be a much bigger UC geek than me! There had to be one out there lol)

As you can see, the theme is purple and gold.

(from, with University Challenge legend Alex Guttenplan)

The set design is actually blue, but hopefully you can sort of see what I was going for?

My base colour is Sally Hansen Good To Grape, and I stamped with Barry M Gelly in Plum, and Barry M Gold Foil, and stamping plates BM201, BM316, BM319, CH13, GA29 and GA36. I'm super happy with the result! Now I can watch the final proudly displaying my love for this show!


  1. These are awesome!! I think you did great! I have never seen the show but the picture you added made the mani make sense to me.

  2. OMG I so love everything about this <3


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