Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tri Polish Challenge April 2013: Manicure 1

Greetings All!

Is it time for the Tri Polish Challenge again?! Yes it is! For this challenge, we are given three colours. We have to choose one polish to represent each colour, then create 4 manicures using those colours. We have to use at least 2 of the colours for each manicure, and we have to use all three colours for at least one manicure. We also have free use of black, white, silver, gold, and glitter toppers.

This month the colours are pink, turquoise and orange. There has been a little bit of confusion as to what constitutes a turquoise polish. Personally I think of turquoise as sky blue, but then surely sky blue is blue? Does turquoise have to have green in it? You can see how it could get confusing. I decided to avoid that confusion, and go with a polish with turquoise right there in the name of it. So here are the three polishes I will be using for all my Tri Polish manicures this month:

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Shrimply Divine, OPI Ausin-tatious Turquoise, and Miss Sporty...orange? They don't have a name on the bottle, only on the shelf when you buy them. Grrr! But it's a medium, pumpkiny orange.

And here is my first manicure.

I started off with a pink and orange gradient, and yes, I had to take a picture of it lol. In the light I was working in, there wasn't a huge amount of difference between the pink and orange, so I wanted to check that there really was a difference!

I then freehanded some zebra/tiger stripes with the turquoise. I have a confession - I actually prepped all this months challenge manicures about 2 weeks ago so I knew they were done and 'out of the way'. I had forgotten how much I loved these nails! They're so bright and summery - they have a very tropical feel to them. I must remember these if we ever get a summer! This was my first go at freehanding stripes in about 8 months - I always use a stamp because it's much easier and much prettier! These aren't too bad though - it's not really a difficult thing to do. I'm just lazy!

Make sure to check out everyone else's manicures, and I'll have another manicure using the same colours for you on Thursday!


  1. Love the gradient! Fabulous look!

  2. that gradient is da bomb! lol ..no seriously its a great mani and that blue looks so pretty i hope you've used it as a base in one of the mani;s

  3. i love this. the blue zebra is very cool.

  4. Wow! I did a very similar mani, so I LOVE it! lol
    No kidding, this looks great for summer as you said.
    Me too I prepared the manis two weeks ago, and was photographing neons on the dullest Easter ever, I believe it even snowed a little.
    I have an excel spread sheet with my stash and groups by colour, red, pink, etc. I only have one group called turquoise/teal/acqua, it's so hard for me to tell them apart!!

  5. Ah very pretty!


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