Friday, 19 April 2013

Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge Week 4: Inspired By The Runway

Greetings All!

It's double challenge Friday! Just a quick post this time. This was a difficult theme for me - I have zero clue (and zero interest!) in fashion. Apart from nails of course! I just wear the clothes I want to wear. I really like the stuff from Spiral Direct, I wear a lot of black, I don't really pay attention to fashion at all!

So I was leafing through this months Marie Claire (hypocritical? I got it for the free Ciate polish!) desperately looking for something to use as inspiration. I didn't have much luck! Eventually I settled on some nails inspired by some pretty, embroidered lace Chanel dresses by Karl Lagerfeld (does that count? I feel like that counts).

Yeah, so they're not exactly Chanel haute couture, but they'll do! I quite like them.

My base colour is Boots No7 So Simple. I used Konad Black, and CH11 and GA30 for the stamping


  1. So pretty!! I think this counts! I do not follow fashion either so this was difficult for me as well.

  2. This looks great - I really like neutral stamping over nudes. I did a white flower stamp over a nude recently; now I've seen yours I'd like to try a black one!


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