Saturday, 6 April 2013

OPI Camo Nail Art

Greetings All!

Good weekend? Bad weekend? I braved a crowded shopping centre in search of nail polish - it wasn't really worth it! I don't really like crowds or enclosed spaces so I didn't have much fun.

Today I have some nail art for you - I was originally doing some plain OPI swatches, when I started thinking that some of these would actually go quite well together! So I used three to make a camouflage style design.

And I still have the plain swatches!So the polishes used were:

OPI San Tan-tonio

The grossly named Uh Oh Roll Down The Window

And Suzi Loves Cowboys

I am loving San Tan-tonio! It's such a rich gorgeous caramel colour! I'm also happy that these colours went together as well as I thought they would - often what works in my head doesn't in real life!


  1. I would love a tutorial on these camo nails. I can never make mine look okay. Very pretty! They did make a great camo mani!

    1. Thank you!

      Goodness, I've never even considered doing a tutorial before, but I guess I could do a little picture tutorial. It wasn't difficult - I made them up as I went along really and this was my first go!

  2. Thought of something like this stamping yesterday
    Haven't figure out out yet

  3. These look very good Cazzy! I would love for you to do a tutorial :)

  4. These are lovely! Really like san tan-tonio :)

  5. Wow these look really fab - so professional! Love them x

  6. I love these sorts of colours - even better when they come in packs like this :D


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