Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sun-Tried-Day: Missha Dazzling and Gemstone Glitters

Greetings All!

So, I made a Facebook page! I've been putting it off for a while, mostly because I'm too lazy to be posting my pictures all over the internet! I would be very honoured if you 'liked' my page HERE - there's nothing on it yet! But there will be soon lol.

For today's Sun-Tried-Day, I've decided to give you a break from Sally Hansen, and show you some of the glitters I got in my latest Korean nail haul (I'm already planning another for next month!)

Missha is a brand that, like many brands that aren't immediately available to me, I had never heard of. They do a pretty range of glitter polishes that look quite unusual and exciting, and they cost me about £3.50 each, so they are fairly purse-friendly.

I bought two from the Dazzling collection (HERE), and two from the Gemstone collection (HERE), and I'm going to show you the Dazzling ones first. Unfortunately these are numbered instead of named, and a quick search on the internet didn't reveal any names for them.

Dazzling 01 is a mix of blue and red hexes, squares, bars and microglitter. I put 2 coats over Sally Hansen Ivory Skull (she still makes an appearance! lol)

This was actually a surprise winner for me! I say I hate bar glitter, and yet I keep buying and wearing it! I like the different size hexes, and the microglitter really helps to tie it all together. It's quite cute and unusual, and I like the colours together.

Dazzling 06 is basically the same polish, but in matte black and white. This is 2ish coats over Sally Hansen Right Said Red.

I'm loving black and white glitter at the moment, but I really don't want to pay £5 for a tiny little 5ml bottle of L'Oreal Confetti, so I've been trawling all over looking for substitutes. This will do for now! I like the bigger white hexes, and the white microglitter (although over red it looks rather Christmassy!), Luckily the bar glitter was fairly well behaved, and didn't stick out all over my nails.

Application with both was pretty good, a bit 'dabby' but not too bad. The worst thing about them was the smell. They have quite a mentholy smell, fairly strong and not altogether pleasant. Even with topcoat, you could still smell them the next day, which I found quite unusual. They are also in a strangely shaped bottle, which, like an idiot, I forgot to take a picture of! Basically they are sort of concave at the back, so you don't get as much polish as you think you are going to. Cheeky!

The Gemstone collection does have names (hooray!), unsurprisingly they are named after gemstones. This collection doesn't have the same strong smell as the Dazzling ones, which I was happy about!

Amethyst is a purple tinted base, pale enough so that you definitely need undies, but purple enough that they have to be purple, with blue, pink, magenta and indigo hexes, and holographic stars. This is 3 coats over NYC Prince Street.

Application with both of these was pretty horrible - I had to 'dab only' - any brush strokes just removed all the glitter, the hexes all clumped around the stars, and I had to do quite a bit of fishing to get any glitter from the thin base. Disappointing! I think they would look nicer over another colour, but the tinted base makes that difficult, especially when dabbing it on.

Peridot is a mix of gold, green and orange hexes, and large green hexes. This is 2 'coats' over OPI Jade is The New Black.

Again, application was an uphill struggle, and the sickly yellow-green base is fairly horrible! It's such a shame - in the bottle they both look so gorgeous, and they could have been so amazing - I love the big green hexes in this one. In a better quality, thicker, clear base, I would be ordering you to go and buy these! As things stand, I don't think I'll be ordering any more Missha polishes any time soon, although I will be wearing the Dazzling ones again.

You can visit the eBay shop where I got these HERE, they have a huge selection of polishes, great prices, free shipping and excellent customer service!


  1. Okaaayyy so now I HAVE to get some missha polish :D never heard of it before, but with the price and the name I will have to go hunting for it!

  2. OOOh they look so pretty though! Shame about the poor quality =( I love the red and blue!

  3. It's a shame about the coloured bases, because there's a nice mix of colours in the glitters themselves, especially the green one. I hate it when makers do that - it really cuts down what you can do with the polish!

    Another possibility is that the glitters might be 'bleeding' - the colours coming out of the glitters into the base. That sometimes happens with polishes where the glitters haven't been tested for long enough before the product has been launched. It was a problem with some of the earlier indies and sometimes happens with cheaper polishes. Keep an eye on these, the colour of the base might get darker over a few months :(

    1. I'm fairly sure they are meant to be coloured bases, they're just at that point where they're too light to use alone, but too coloured to put over a different colour, especially as you have to kind of lump them on!


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