Friday, 26 April 2013

Relaxed 31DC Week 9: Rainbow

Greetings All!

We got through another week! Because of my hours changing at work, I now have Fridays and Saturdays off! Which is the closest thing I've had to a weekend off for probably about 20 years.

Today is double challenge Friday! So you'll be getting a Girly Girl post later, but for now, the relaxed 31 day/week challenge, hosted by Rambles of a Polish Addict. This week the theme is rainbows. In the past I've had lots of inspiration for rainbow manicures, but I've often struggled with the execution. Before I got into nail art, I would sometimes wear a rainbow skittle - this was nearly 10 years ago, when I was about 18 or so, so I was way ahead of the times!

For today's nails, I wanted to do a rainbow gradient. I tried, several times, but there were just too many colours on my short(ish) nails and it really didn't work. So instead, I took the same principle, and just did some sponging.

Now, I am aware that this looks like a bit of a hot mess! But at a normal distance, it did look a lot softer and blended, almost like tie dye. And it does look better than the gradients I tried, believe me! Either way, I like it - there's just a smidgen too much red. I actually used to do gradients like this the first few times I tried them - then I gave up for a few months because they looked so awful, until I learned to sponge on all the colours I was using, not just one at a time

I started off with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Ivory Skull (I didn't need a new white, but it has skull in the name!), then I sponged on some Yellow Kitty in the middle. First I worked up, with Miss Sporty Orange and OPI The Thrill of Brazil, then down with Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, The Sky's The Limit, and Models Own Pukka Purple (I forgot that my camera thinks it's blue! But I think it still works).

Please take a moment to check out everyone else's rainbow nails!


  1. These look AMAZING! I love the colours you've poicked, they're work really well together and the end result is fab!


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