Monday, 22 April 2013

Nail Haulin'

Greetings All!

Last week I mentioned that I had been treating myself a little bit, quite a lot actually! Nearly every day last week I got some nail mail!

Personally I enjoy reading these sorts of posts. I'm a nosy bugger, so I like having a peek at what people buy! I also love getting nail mail! Posting about it is making me feel a little guilty though. Please remember, I didn't buy all of these at once. They were over, ahem, a few days. No, more like a week. Honest!

My first box to arrive came all the way from South Korea. I am so into Korean polishes right now! Although that sentence did make me feel like a nail hipster lol. These were all from the same seller on eBay, who by the way has an amazing selection of gorgeous polishes. Seriously, what I eventually bought was about half of what was in my basket at one point! But with free shipping, and prices around £3 a bottle, it wasn't too extravagant a purchase.

Missy Pandora, toying with the idea of knocking them over

Missy Pandora pretending she isn't at all interested in knocking them over

3 more Etude House ice cream polishes - unfortunately not glitters this time, but cute cremes! I love these adorable little bottles.

3 Etude House glitters. After my last four, I had to go back for more! There are still quite a few I 'need'!

2 lovely glitters by Missha, a new brand to me. Loving the black and white glitter! If only the red and blue one was matte...

2 more Missha glitters (the purple one has stars!), and a glitter by Face It, which is also brand new to me! Aaand I just looked on eBay again and they have new stock and everything! So many pretties...

It worked out just over $57 for all eleven polishes, which was about £38 I think? For eleven polishes, shipped from South Korea, in less than two weeks? I was pretty happy with that! Expect a big sparkly swatch post soon!

My next parcel to arrive (oh yes, there's lots more!) was actually 2 parcels from different sellers on eBay, both of them Sally Hansen Salon Manicure, which, erm, isn't a new brand to me!

Now, these are (from memory) top row: Madam X, Ballet Rouge, Courtesan and Mousseline. Bottom row: Casting Call, Model Behaviour, Navy Baby, Black Platinum, Strike a Pose and Without A Stitch. I think. At the moment I've got a bit of a Pokemon syndrome with these polishes - I've got to catch them all!

This is my fourth order from Fragrance Direct, which shows they have a great selection! Great prices too. I keep going back for more!

On the top row, we have the new In Vogue feather effect polishes, matte suede polishes, and a 'high resolution' glitter. I've been looking for these in Superdrug for what seems like forever, nearly a month! Turns out Fragrance Direct has them for £1 cheaper! £2.49 instead of £3.49. I was very excited when I found these - I love a matte polish, and these feather glitters are very interesting! On the bottom row, 6 Essies (a brand I am aware of, but haven't tried yet), a Sally Hansen I somehow didn't own, a random NYC green polish (not entirely sure how that got into the basket, actually!) and a Cutex top coat, that dries very quickly and doesn't smudge stamping, which is nice!

We're up to Saturday now, when I got 3 Models Own polishes from the Asos sale.

Yes, more glitter!

And that brings us to today. After work, and after a tip on Facebook, I went into TK Maxx to try and find some Color Clubs. And boy, did I find them!

3 lovely sets (Fiesta, Back Stage and Kaleidoscope) with 6 colours and a clear polish - £7.99 each! Bargain! Oh yes, and one of them is a glitter set!

Meanwhile, waiting for me at home...

More UK indies from Tara's Talons! Expect a full swatch post on Wednesday. I don't want to give too much away, so consider this a sneaky peek!

So, yeah, quite a busy week! And just when I was starting to get on top of my untrieds! I promise though, this wasn't a typical week. Please don't judge me!


  1. LOVE this haul! Totally drooling over everything you've bought! so much wannnnnnnt for the icecream ones! I look forward to swatches xx

  2. Wow what a haul!! Do you have links to the ebay sellers? would love to have a lookie. TFS x

    1. There is a link for the Korean polishes in the post, it's

      The Sally Hansen sellers are and

      Hope that helps! I love eBay!

  3. Wow, the Etude house ice cream cone polishes are soooo cute!! Your cat looks a little like mine :) Cute kitty :D

  4. What are the brushes like on the Etude House polishes?

    1. The ice cream polishes have a fairly standard brush - round but slightly flattened, average width, but they're a little soft. Not unmanageable, but a little awkward

      The Dear My Party polishes (with the pink lids) have very wide, flat brushes, which are my favourite kind!

      Hope that helps!


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