Thursday, 4 April 2013

Miss Sporty Metal Flip Fiery Blaze

Greetings All!

After a shaky start, this week had actually been quite productive, nail-wise. I've prepped nearly all this months challenge manicures and  I've swatched some OPI. I have something a bit special lined up for tomorrow too! Unfortunately, with all that preparation, I don't have anything very exciting in my folders for you. Or do I?

Fiery Blaze is from the Metal Flip Collection from Miss Sporty, which is three duochrome polishes. I think this one is actually a multichrome, as there are about 4 different colours in it! This is a very easy 2 coats.

This polish shifts through pink, purple, orange, gold and green, and I was very pleasantly surprised to find out my camera picked up the colour shift pretty well! It's a really pretty polish, especially for £1.99!I don't usually gravitate towards duochromes, but this one is really nice.


  1. i have this and the other two! totally one of my best buys :D


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