Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tara's Talons - Get Nailed! UK Indies!!!!

Greetings All!

Today I have a rather special post for you. At the beginning of April, Tara (from Tara's Talons) launched her first polish collection! It's very cool and exciting to see an indie polish made and sold right here in the UK. Naturally I had to have a little look, and after choosing one polish (which wasn't easy!), I also got the chance to win a second one, and unbelievably, I did win! I never win anything, so needless to say I was pretty thrilled!

This polish collection is based on childhood memories. There's a really nice mix of colours and finishes, all based around things you easily associate with childhood. You can see her full collection HERE. Don't leave it too long though - only 10 bottles of each shade have been made, so they are like ridiculously limited edition! This way you can be sure you are not going to have the same polish as everyone else!

After resisting the temptation to buy the whole collection (I would have loved to, but I just couldn't justify it ),  I settled on Clowning Around, which is multicoloured glitter in a silver base. Here's how Tara decribes it:

"This silvery EXTREMELY glittery polish is called clowning around partly because clowns are a very big thing when you’re a kid (whether you love them or are scared of them!) but also because clowning around is a big part of childhood. I used to love messing about with my sisters (and still do!) and when I remember those times everything seems bright and loud so I made this polish bright and loud. I can’t even begin to describe all of the glitters I’ve managed to squeeze into it. There’s every colour you can think of in different sizes and shapes and my test run of this polish got me so many compliments when I wore it. I think that’s because it really does make you think of happy memories!"

Yeah, it's pretty much gorgeous! I've never seen glitter in a silver base like this - it's very unusual. This is 2 coats, with topcoat.

I love the little pops of colour against the metallic base. It's pretty safe to say I don't have anything like this in my collection! In the closeup you can see that the silver still allows the glitter underneath to peek out, and it's so bright and sparkly on the nail. I wore this for most of the weekend - I couldn't bear to take it off! 

When I entered to win a second polish, I had to choose which one I wanted to win. There were three or four that I had trouble choosing between, but in the end I picked Alphabetti Spaghetti, because it looked like a really nice shade of orange. OK, OK, I couldn't resist the glitter in it! Here's how Tara describes it:

"This polish is BRIGHT orange with orange glitter. It was created because I (and most people) enjoyed fun food when I was little. It was better than normal tinned spaghetti and it was even better than spaghetti hoops (though it was cool to see how many of them you could fit on one spoke of your fork!)."

Personally I would like to remind people about the spaghetti that was shaped like characters (like Thomas the Tank Engine, or Scooby Doo!), as that was clearly the best kind! But the alphabet ones were good too lol. And they make a catchier name!

This is probably the richest, brightest orange I have ever worn. It's almost neon, but much deeper at the same time. It will be perfect for Summer, if it ever arrives! The glitter is quite subtle on the nail,  but it still gives a little hint of sparkle. The colour is definitely the more eye-catching element here! Its the sort of polish that you can see on your nails even out of the corner of your eye, but it doesn't have the same gaudiness as neons can have.

I had no issues with application, drying time etc. They had quite a strong smell, but nothing unbearable. I would definitely recommend them. I also love the fact that there are only 10 of each shade - it does make them that little bit more special. And they're made in the UK! Very exciting.

A quick reminder, you can see Tara's blog HERE, and her polishes are available on Etsy HERE.

These polishes were bought by me (well, one was bought, one was won), and all opinions are my own!

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