Monday, 15 April 2013

Revlon Girly

Greetings All!

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Today I have a swatch for you, of a shade I've been tempted by for a while. Revlon Girly is one of the recent forays by big brands to create polishes that look more 'indie'. We are living in very fortunate polishing times - we are literally spoiled for choice for brands, styles, finishes, even things like the shape of glitter in our polishes. I remember liking glitter polish as a child - I never would have dreamed that one day I could have hearts, stars, even flowers in my polish!

Anyway, the big brands have noticed how crazy we go for indie polishes, and they have started bringing out more exciting and original polishes (L'Oreal Confetti is another good example). Maybe they're jumping on the bandwagon a bit, but personally I love the fact that I can get unusual polishes on the High Street. Granted it's not really necessary - we're living in one big global polish market! - but it's still nice to have them there.

On to Girly. I've seen her a few times, but £6.49 is more than I like to pay for any polish lol. Luckily Boots have a 3 for 2 on at the moment, so the saving meant I could justify it. She's a mix of light pink, magenta and indigo hexes, with small pink, purple, orange and holographic glitter in a very sheer pale pink base. This is 3 coats on it's own (I considered undies, but I wanted to see if I could get full coverage).

I was hoping this would be slightly more opaque, and give it that jelly sandwich look. You don't get much depth of glitter as the base is very sheer. It is very pretty though. And textured - you'll need a thick top coat for a smooth finish. Don't get me wrong - I do like this polish! It's just...I was hoping for something slightly different. I also decided to try a coat of OPI Funny Bunny over the top (because I'm loving it at the moment!).

Aaand I just realised I didn't bother cleaning up! Apologies. This is basically what I expected though - a more opaque base, so you get bits of glitter peeking through. I think if I had another coat of Girly over the top, it would be exactly what I wanted! These two definitely belong as a pair!

What do you think of this indie style polish trend on the high street? Are they just stealing indie polish makers ideas, or giving us more choice?

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  1. yes i agree they're a pair! :) great swatches


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