Thursday, 11 April 2013

OPI Funny Bunny Jelly Sandwich

Greetings All!

This month I have been really good and swatched loads of my polishes. I really love the idea of having all my polish 'tried on' at least, even though I know it'll make me want to buy more (I'll have nothing 'new'!), the thought of having them all organised  and tested makes me feel...peaceful.

OPI is the brand I'm focusing on this month. I only have another 12 to swatch! I've managed to fill up my gorgeous polish display stand (I'll show you pics once I get it colour organised!). Most of these are from October/November last year, when I went a little OPI crazy. I haven't actually bought an OPI polish yet this year! (Apart from the Liquid Sand minis, but we don't talk about them!) I think it's the guilt of having so many sitting there, sad and untried. I've also discovered all sorts of treasures, including one I'm sharing with you today.

Funny Bunny is a pretty little cream coloured crelly, or at least, a sheer cream polish. As soon as I put the first coat on, I thought jelly sandwich. One of my favourite polishes for jelly sandwiches is OPI Samoan Sand, and this is similar, but lighter. For my 'filling' I chose Glitzology All or Nothing (wait, if the glitter is the filling, then the jelly is the bread?).

Wowowow would you look at that effect?! Funny Bunny has amazing pastelizing (not a word) capabilities! Of course a good glitter helps, but I love this even more than Samoan Sand. It has a gorgeous, marshmallow quality to it, and the (now) matte, pastel glitter just makes it look good enough to eat!

For this manicure I used 2 coats of Funny Bunny, 1 coat of All or Nothing, a coat of Seche to smooth it out, then a final coat of Funny Bunny. To think of all the times I looked at this polish, but passed over it as it looked a bit dull! I now can't wait to use it again!


  1. At first glance I actually thought you sponged those colors on! Love the effect!


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