Sunday, 7 April 2013

My First Ciate Polish - Free With Marie Claire!

Greetings All!

Just a quick post. The other day my mum bought me Marie Claire (the May issue). I was a little puzzled, as I'm not really a magazine person, and definitely not a fashion magazine person! However it came with a free polish, which explains it! And not just any polish - a Ciate polish. My first one! I've seen them around, and I love the little bows on the bottle, but they'd always seemed a little pricey (around £8-9). Marie Claire is £3.80, which is much more reasonable!

There are 2 polishes available. I got Sand Dune, the gold colour (my mum knows I like a good gold!). This is 2 coats, and I apologise for the lack of cleanup. I find that with glitters like these, the more I try and cleanup, the worse I make it, as tiny areas of glitter spread out and flood my cuticles as soon as I touch them with acetone. I couldn't take the frustration, so I just didn't bother! That's really bad, I know. Sorry.

It's quite a pale gold, very metallic and glittery. Application was OK - I had to battle a little bit to get it into the corners of my nail, but I'm very pleased with the finish. Plus it was a total bargain - even better if you like the magazine lol. I'm going to try and take some nail art inspiration from it!


  1. Ooh, thank you for pointing this magazine freebie out; I need to look out for Marie Claire now! Do you think this gold would be any good for stamping?

    1. I just gave it a quick test, and it does stamp, but not brilliantly. It's a little bit too sheer for my personal taste, I like my stamps opaque! It might work for a more delicate design though, if you don't mind the base colour showing through a bit. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Cazzy, thanks for showing us the gold one, was there a second one to choose from?

  3. You are welcome! There is a second polish - a pink, putty colour. Claire Kerr has a swatch over at


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