Tuesday, 2 April 2013

China Glaze Glitter All The Prey

Greetings All!

Just another quick swatch post today I'm afraid. The nail fairies are conspiring against me - I've already had 3 nail fails since yesterday! Ever have those days when you just feel like not having nails? Nothing is working on them right now. Grrr!

Fortunately I've built up a little folder of swatches, so I'm busting out some China Glaze for you!

Prey Tell is one of my first CG cremes. I have a nice little collection of their glitters, but their regular polishes have never grabbed me. My local Sally's had some reduced to £2.50, so I decided to try a couple! This is a rich dark burgundy, that looks almost brown in some lights. It's quite a bit like dried blood - I guess this is what my nails would look like if I had been ripping into some prey?

This is 2 coats. It was quite stainy round my cuticles, but these sorts of colours always are, at least on me! I was going to team this with some gold stamping, but I noticed another China Glaze, a little mini one hiding. Glitter All The Way, which I got in a set of Christmas minis (although I think 7ml is quite big for a 'mini' - I'm not complaining!).

One thin coat later, we have Glitter All The Prey! which is what a fabulous lion might say.

This is a lovely mix of gold, green, red and purple that I would be happy to wear any time of year! This is one thin coat, so you could get full coverage quite easily.

In other nail related news, I got a mention in The Crumpet's Blogger of the Month Award! I didn't win (I was waaaay overreaching) but even a mention is amazing! I've only been doing this 3 months, so to even be thought of as a blogger is wonderful (really I'm just someone attempting to blog, but it looks like I'm getting away with it!).

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