Friday, 5 April 2013

Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge Week 2: Gimme That Bling - Etude House Ice Cream Polishes!!!

Greetings All!

For the next few weeks, Friday is going to be double challenge day, with both the relaxed 31 week challenge, and this girly challenge, hosted by Closet Diva! Busy, busy.

Today's theme is Gimme That Bling.

Glitter and sparkle! Now technically I haven't actually done any nail art for this theme, but I'm hoping you'll forgive me when you see these polishes!

After being so happy with the Etude House polishes I previously bought, I had my eye on some gorgeous ice cream polishes. I soon caved and bought three (the fourth shade is out of stock!), and they arrived all the way from South Korea in eight days. I'm super impressed with that - I've had domestic mail take longer to arrive! So, quick delivery - check. Good price - $5 each with free shipping! Check. Good polish? See for yourself!

This one is called Strawberry Stars Candy.

Is that possibly one of the cutest polish bottles ever?! And yes, that's the reason I bought them!

A lovely pale pink with all sorts of pink glitter (including squares!), sky blue and purple hexes, silver, gold and iridescent glitter, and holographic stars. This is 2 coats and unfortunately it's slightly too opaque - the second coat covers the glitter in the first coat. You can't even see the one star I got on my index finger! In future I'll do one coat over a pale pink. It's still gorgeous though - it has the tiniest hint of iridescence, and I especially love how the blue glitter pops with the pink.

Next is Lemon Sherbet.

This is a really fun yellow - somewhere between pastel and bright yellow, with gold, orange and green hexes, white and silver glitter in various sizes (squares again!), gold microglitter, and gold and white very thin bars.. It's very summery! This is 2 coats, but you can see the glitter underneath this time. I love the green, orange and yellow together - it's so citrusy!

I've saved my favourite until last. This cheeky little number is Apricot Candy.

It looks good enough to eat! A sheer peachy jelly, with all the hexes - orange, gold, pink, magenta, purple, green and silver! This was very sheer, so I painted 3 coats over 2 coats of OPI Catch the Garter. The glitter has a beautiful suspended quality to it,the peachy jelly polish is just delicious, and again, I love the colour combination! This was a clear winner for me.

All three applied easily and dried pretty quickly. The only issue I had was Strawberry Stars Candy being a little too opaque. The quirky colour combinations are really fun - at first I thought it's just random colours thrown together, but they all work really well to tie the polish together. And the bottle? SO cute! Love love love them! Can you believe they were less than £10 for all three?! If you fancy ice cream nails, I bought them HERE, and I was very happy with the service!

Hopefully you can forgive me for plain (ha!) swatches in a challenge. If not, check out some glittery nail art from my fellow challengers!


  1. These are really cute polishes :D

  2. Not a big fan of yellpw polishes but love the other two! The pink one looks stunning on you!

  3. OMG these are supercute, love the ice cream cone bottles too and the first pink one is my favorite!

    xoxo Pakize

    from Madame Keke

  4. can i just say i loved lemon sherbet and want to have babies with it? lol.



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