Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My First Tutorial - Camo Print

Greetings All!

Last weekend I posted some camouflage print nails, and a couple of people mentioned that they would like to see a tutorial for them. I was pretty intimidated by the thought of this - I'm the person that follows tutorials, I don't write them! However I was really flattered by the request, and as they weren't too difficult to do, I've had a little go!

My camera does shoot video, but there was no way that was going to happen! Far too advanced for me lol. So I just did a little step by step guide to what I did. I found it a little tricky to keep stopping and taking pictures! Plus I had to stand and polish, to be near the lamp I use for photos. I don't think this is something I'll be doing regularly!

Firstly here's a reminder of the original nails I did

I also have to warn you, I have excellent beginner's luck. Often the first time I try a technique or pattern, it goes really well! Then when I try and recreate it, it's not as good. The ones I did today are not as good! But hopefully you can just take the basic technique, and make yours look better!

OK, so you will need at least three polishes for this (I used three but you could easily work in another one or two!)> Mine are OPI San Tan-tonio, Uh Oh Roll Down The Window, and Suzi Loves Cowboys, but this print would work with any combination of colours! You will also need a nail art brush (preferably a smaller one), and a surface to puddle your polish on.

First I put my base colour on. You don't need a picture for that! My base is San Tan-tonio.

I then puddled some Roll Down The Window, and painted the outlines on my nails. The shape you want is a sort of fat, irregular stripe, coming from the sides of your nails.

Then I went back and filled in the 'stripes', and also added a couple of little blobs in any large gaps (not pictured!)

I gave it a few minutes to dry, then took my second colour (Suzi Loves Cowboys) and did the same thing. Slightly smaller, irregular, fat stripes, in the gaps, but also overlapping the green a bit.

These were then filled in

Finally, cleanup (this isn't a particularly messy technique, but I got a little on my skin while painting) and top coat to smooth it over and seal it in!

As you can see, it isn't quite as good as my first effort! The 'stripes' aren't quite as thin. I think it's still quite obvious that it's camo print though, and I did use the exact same technique! What did I tell you? Beginner's luck lol

So there you go! It's a bit rubbish I know, but it did take me a bit outside my comfort zone, and I did survive! So that's the main thing. I wouldn't choose to do it again, but if by some miracle you ever want to see how I did a manicure, I would be glad to do it for you, my lovely readers!


  1. It's not rubbish at all!! It's great and v. helpful! xx

  2. its great!! I might just try it :) thanks for the tutorial

  3. I am going to add some camo to my earth day mani now thanks to you!! I suck at free hand so pray for me. LOL! Thank you so much for doing this! I think it turned out great both times!

  4. AWESOME! Now I know why OPI makes colors that look like sewage....


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