Monday, 8 April 2013

Subtle Snowflake Stamping

Greetings All!

I got to 100 GFC followers last night. Isn't that neat? I guess that if I wasn't in the middle of a giveaway, I'd have to host one! So my Giveaway is now for both 50 and 100 GFC followers (cheeky I know!).

Today I have some very wintery themed stamping for you. We may be well into April, but Spring is only now beginning to peek around the corner. Most days here in the South East of England have felt like Winter. So I decided to put that on my nails!

I used a base of Models Own Blueberry Muffin, then added a Color Club iridescent top coat for a bit of icy sparkle. Then I used an amazing stamping late I got from Ninja Polish, the same time I got my DRK-B plate. It's called OB-M and it was reduced because it is Christmas/Winter themed. However Winter happens every year, so it's not like I won't use them! It has over 25 snowflake stamps - last Winter I struggled, because I quite like a snowflake (it's seasonal without being too festive) but I could never freehand them as prettily as a stamp. Now I'm spoiled for choice! This one is lovely and feathery.

How cool is subtle stamping? Once upon a time, I would have considered this a failure, but you can just say it's meant to look like that!

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