Friday, 19 April 2013

Relaxed 31DC Week 8: Metallic. And Giveaway News!

Greetings All!

So, the winner of my giveaway is Iris Roxanne, from My Random Stash! She has an amazing blog by the way, you should definitely check it out!

She chose a gift card from Amazon. I get most of my stamping plates from Amazon, so I think it's a pretty good choice!

I really enjoyed the giveaway - I was a little worried that things wouldn't go smoothly (because things never go smoothly!) but it felt really nice to have the opportunity to give back to everyone who has been so supportive and lovely these past three and a half months. I kind of want to do another one already! Maybe in the Summer? Or, maybe a nail art contest? That would be awesome (who am I kidding, I'd never be able to pick a winner!)

I've also been treating myself a bit this week - I'll show you a haul post hopefully this weekend (it's not even all that I've bought this month, and the month's not even over yet - I'm such an addict). I've been getting boxes all week! Boxes, not envelopes or packets!

Anyway, back to today's nails! A bit of a fail unfortunately. The theme for week 8 of the 31 day/week challenge (hosted by Rambles of a Polish Addict) is metallic. Metallic is a finish I like, but what to do for the nail art? I thought lightning bolts would be quite cool, and I have some lightning bolt nail guides somewhere. Somewhere being the operative word - I couldn't find them anywhere! (On a related note, I also can't find  Revlon Royal! What is happening?!) In the end I decided to go freehand, and I'm not really happy with the result.

In my head this was a red and gold lightning bolt Pow! kind of manicure, and I daresay it would have been better with my nail guides. They're all uneven and kind of look like a pink christmas tree to me! It's quite a poor translation of my idea, so that's why I consider it a fail!

The gold is OPI Glitzerland (gorgeous, by the way), and the reddish-in-the-bottle-but-pink-on-the-nail is Color Club, no label so I don't know the name (Hot Lava, maybe?)

Now go and look at some better nail art!

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  1. So pretty!! Why does color club never label their polishes?!? CVS had Revlon Royal for 75% off. I finally got my hands on it.


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