Friday, 3 May 2013

Relaxed 31DC - Week 10: Gradient

Greetings All!

Well done to all of us for getting through another week! Today is Double Challenge Friday, later on I'll be showing you my Girly Girl nails, but right now is the extra relaxed 31 day/week challenge, hosted by Rambles of a Polish Addict. We are a third of the way through already!

The theme this week is gradients. I LOVE gradients, they took me forever to learn (it's not a difficult technique, but it is tricky to get them just so. I always choose polishes that don't gradient well!), but they are fun, they look amazing when done right, and you don't need special equipment like nail art brushes, or striping tape. OK you need a makeup sponge, but I had those lying around the house and I rarely wear makeup!

As I gradient quite often, I didn't think a plain one would cut it this week. One thing I can't believe I haven't tried is stamping over a gradient. Every time I see someone else do this, I love it, gradients and stamping are two of my favourite techniques, but somehow I've never put them together. Well, I have now!

I must have spent a good couple of hours staring at my nails with this on them. Somehow it all came together - the colours, the gradient, the stamp - and made something very awesome!

I started with a base of OPI The Thrill of Brazil, then did a gradient using that and W7 Black. I needed 2 coats to get the black nice and opaque at the top, but it was worth it! I then stamped with  GA3 and Barry M Gold Foil.

I think this has quite a Far Eastern look to it - the colours, and also the stamp weirdly reminds me of dragons?  Either way I was really pleased with how this turned out! So much so, I'm wearing a similar manicure today (same colours, different stamp), and I think stamping over gradients is going to be my new obsession!

Remember to have a little look at what everyone else came up with!


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