Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Invogue Matt Suede Effect Collection

Greetings All!

As regular readers will know, I'm a big fan of a matte finish. I have multiple bottles of Asda matte topcoat, so I can get a matte finish on any manicure , but it's also nice sometimes to have a matte polish, as they dry so quickly, and it saves loads of time!

I spent weeks looking for these polishes, and the Feather Effects ones too (more on them at a later date!) in various Superdrugs in my local area, to no avail (I still haven't seen them in any shops). I then found them online, and for a pound cheaper too! So at least my story has a happy ending!

Housekeeping - I used 2 coats for all these swatches. They applied really nicely, much better than the W7 Suedes (sorry W7!), they dried very quickly, and the formula must be good because all of these swatches are with zero cleanup. I try to make the effort to cleanup (and I need to!) but polishes like these are just terrible - one touch and there is glitter everywhere. I would rather have the couple of dots on my cuticles than a ring of glitter all round my finger lol.

I did a collage!!!
Aren't they just droolworthy?! I love it when I finally get my hands on a polish, and then, even with all the anticipation, it's still better than I thought it would be! Let's take a closer look...

Domination is a medium silver, very glittery and metallic, like brushed chrome. As you can see, there are no streaks, brush strokes or drag marks, just pure silver suede perfection.

Emerald Dust was the one I wanted most - I have Revlon Matte Suede Emerald City, and I thought this could add to my green suede polish collection (of two, but still...). It's a lovely bright lime green, with a velvety sperkle. You can see a couple of brush strokes here, but this was the first one I swatched, so that's probably my fault!

Hot Gossip is a rose pink colour, very similar to W7 Suede Pink. It isn't really my favourite shade of pink, but the suede finish does give it a really pretty effect.

Sophisticated is a rich dark purple, again similar to W7 Mauve, but this one has a more even finish and applied much more easily. It's a small difference, but I will reaching for this one over W7.

So, three out of four are winners for me! Hot Gossip I could take or leave, but that's just personal preference. I would also recommend these over W7 Suedes (apart from the black, gold and blue because come on, you need all the colours lol).

I just realised I forgot to photograph them with topcoat on! Oh well, never mind. I much prefer them matte anyway!

You can buy Invogue polishes in Superdrug (just not near me!), or you can also get them at Fragrance Direct and Oh Beauty.


  1. Holy! Emerald Dust is absolutely georgous! :O

  2. Poor W7! These are great swatches though :)


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