Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Random Swatch Spam: Pink Essies

Greetings All!

I bought some essies last month from Fragrance Direct (which is fast becoming one of my favourite polishing haunts. I'm there at least once a week, checking out what's new), and as it's the first time I've used this brand, I thought I'd share my thoughts, and some pictures!

OK, so this brand has a lot going for it! !) Square bottles stack more easily in my Helmer. 2) Excellent, gigantic wide flat brush (which I know some people don't like, but it's great for me!) 3) Great formula, application, coverage and dry time! However, £7.99 is a little more than I like to pay for polishes (I always compare things to OPI, and I'm not even happy to pay £8 for them!). I don't think I would be building up a collection of them for that price! Fortunately they are £1.99 on Fragrance Direct (although stocks are currently pretty low), and for that price they are a bargain!

I bought six in the end, and I thought I would share with you the three pink shades I chose (like I don't have enough pinks!)

Cascade Cool is a lovely blue based, bubblegum pink. It's similar to OPI If You Moust, You Moust (my favourite!) but a little deeper. This is 2 coats.

This is my favourite kind of pink to wear, so obviously I love this! It's very wearable, and you could get away with doing one thick coat. Usually if I wear plain polish, I'm picturing all the different nail art that could go on it, but I would be happy to wear this plain!

We're In It Together is a much lighter, girlier baby pink, with a subtle blue shimmer running through it. This is also 2 coats.

I assumed I would dislike the shimmer, as I do most shimmers, but this one is very subtle, only appearing at certain angles in certain lights, and only really making an appearance on the skin around my nails (thanks, second favourite cleanup brush! I give you a chance...well now you're relegated to third). I quite like the fact that it's blue shimmer in a pink polish...maybe we'll get on OK!

Whimsical is a sort of pinky, lilac, grey colour, very pale and very unusual (to me anyway!). Once again, 2 coats.

It's a very delicate colour, pretty and soft. I initially thought it would be quite 'meh' on the nail, but I think it's lovely! It's all soft and dreamy, and it would look gorgeous with some subtle stamping.

So overall, 2 definite winners, one I'm still 50/50 on, essie have a new fan (albeit an extremely cheap one lol) and my pink collection has never looked better!

What 'big' brands haven't you tried yet?

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  1. I love these. Pink is one of my favorite colors. I can't think of any big brands I haven't tried yet. Recently it was Ilamasqua but I found some on sale for $2 so I picked up three. As I am typing this I just remembered I have no Butter London. Too expensive for me. I will only pay top dollar for a holo. LOL!


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