Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sun-Tried-Day: Color Club Fiesta Collection

Greetings All!

Once again I have resisted the urge to bring out my Sally Hansens! I've still been swatching them though - I guess I could save them into one massive post? Nah, I won't do that to you lol.

Instead, this week I will be showing you two new(ish) collections from Color Club. I was fairly familiar with this brand even before this years Halo Hues sent us all crazy, from US nail blogs, but it isn't a brand you see very often here in the UK. Last month I was lucky enough to snap up four collections in my local TK Maxx. They each came with six polishes and a top coat, and were only £7.99 per set!

Later on I will show you the Kaleidoscope Collection, but right now I have the Fiesta collection to share with you! I think this is a Spring 2013 collection, so pretty recent, which makes it even more of a bargain!

First up is Mamba. None of the bottles have names, but I did some digging and found names for them. 2 coats.

This is a nice bright red, not as orange as it looks in the pictures (no red is ever as orange as it looks in my pictures lol), it was almost a one coater, and it's very nice. Not ground-breaking, but a good classic red. I've taken to wearing red polish more often (yay!), and I can see me using this often because it has great opacity, and good dry time too.

Next is Flamingo. A bright, almost neon pink. 2 coats.

I like a bright, bubblegum pink, but this is a little bit too close to neon for me. I would definitely need to put something over the top of it! Good application though/

Wild Cactus is a sort of tealy, jadey green, quite dark for Spring I thought, but still really yummy. 2 coats.

Personally I feel that this is more of an Autumn colour, but that's probably just me being weird! Again, I might need to wear something over this, but it seems like it would lend itself to all sorts of nail art, so I'm sure 'll get some use out of it.

Sunrise Canyon is...well, it's the only one that needed three coats. It's a sickly yellow-green colour.

Yeah, I don't really like this one at all! It's garish, it looks terrible with my skin tone, the only redeeming thing I can say is that it is bright! I'm sure this is someone's cup of tea, just not mine!

Endless Summer is a really gorgeous, bright blue. 2 coats.

Oh, how I love a rubbery finish! When I see other people on blogs topcoating them, I can never understand it. It's glossier than full on matte, but it's just lovely. It reminds me of crayons! Tangent aside, it's a lovely shade too. It's bright, but rich at the same time. Most of my blues are the pale/sky blue end of the spectrum, so it's nice to have something a bit, er, bluer?

On The Rocks is a glittery silver metallic, really full on. 2 coats.

As you can see, my camera had a little bit of trouble with this one. It was a bit know when you see a really busy pattern, and it makes your eyes feel a bit weird, and your vision goes a bit blurry? That's what my camera had with this polish lol.

It is SO metallic, it's very eye-catching, but it doesn't show up too many brush strokes (which is nice). Like Mamba, I'm sure there are plenty of other polishes that are very similar, but that doesn't stop this from being a welcome addition to my collection. Removal was a nightmare though, as you can imagine! That's why I didn't even bother cleaning up - it always makes it so much worse, glitter everywhere, and the more I clean, the more I just spread it all over my cuticles.

So, all in all, a couple of polishes I'm not too crazy about, but some I like very much! I was happy with the application, formula and drying time. The brushes aren't very wide, but I can get over that. I still think £8 is a bargain for them!

Stay tuned for the Kaleidoscope Collection later on!


  1. I like them all! Especially the blue one:))

  2. I love all of these. I hate how Color Club doesn't mark their polishes!


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