Monday, 6 May 2013

Etude House Ice Cream Nails - Mint Choco Chip

Greetings All!

Welcome to another new week! You may notice a few changes happening around here - I'm trying to make this more of a real blog, instead of a kind of blog skeleton lol. So, we have a new 'about me' page, a British Nail Blogger page, where you can meet and visit all the lovely ladies from the group, and I've got my little, somewhat rubbish Facebook page too (I keep forgetting to post in it lol). I have some more stuff planned, but to be honest I've struggled with what I've done so far! So expect baby steps lol.

Last month I showed you three gorgeous glitters from Etude House (HERE), but I was a little disappointed that only three of the four were in stock. I really wanted to 'complete the set' so after a bit of searching I managed to find a bottle of the fourth polish. Yay! Set complete!

Mint Choco Chip is a pretty little pale, minty green (duh!) with dark, reddy brown hexes and glitter, pink squares, and green and copper hexes. It is indeed reminiscent of mint choc chip ice cream! For this manicure I used 2 coats, and topcoat.

As you can see, the polish is sheer enough that you can just see the glitter underneath, but opaque enough to give it that wonderful depth. It also gives the larger hexes a lovely milky finish, which just adds to the ice cream theme. Glitter distribution was pretty good - this was two coats with the bare minimum of dabbing. Another Etude House winner!

I'm very happy with this polish - partly because I now have the whole set of glitters, and partly because it's so cute! It's definitely making me hungry for ice cream though...


  1. This is really cute xD I love the ice cream bottle :P

  2. Ooooo! This is my favorite of the ice creams. But not the kind you eat....the kind you paint (tee hee)

  3. Oh, and Cazzy, your photos are getting really good

  4. What an adorable polish!! It looks just like ice cream, and the bottle is super cute. Also it looks really good with your skintone!

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award! :)

  5. do you have Instagram? I have it set up to post on my twitter and facebook at same time, so saves lots of time and hassle posting across all three :) x


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