Saturday, 4 May 2013

She Who Does Nail Art Challenges: More Holiday Nails!

Greetings All!

Good weekend? Bad weekend? I have another set of holiday nails for you! This challenge is hosted by She Who Does Nails, and we can post as many entries for each theme as we like!  Which is great for when you think of more than one idea for the theme, like I did.

These nails are, I guess, Hawaiian inspired. They were going to be tropical inspired, but then I noticed the multiple hibiscus flower stamps in my Bundle Monster collection (well, it is a Hawaiian company!), and to me they just shout tropical.

Ok so in real life these were neon! My camera hasn't quite picked up on that! But they were very bright, and Pow! Maybe a little bit bright for my taste, but the black stamping helped. I used Sally Hansen Ivory Skull as a base, then I did a gradient with Ridiculously Yellow, Formidably Orange, and Riotously Pink from the OPI Outrageous Neons mini set. This set is so perfect for me - I'm not a massive fan of neons, they're just too bright for me. However sometimes I will include neon in my nail art, so these tiny bottles are just perfect! I just wish there was a blue and green in there, to 'complete the set' lol.

I then stamped with BM313 and BM318, using Konad Black.


  1. I really love this!! I wish my nubs were big enough to do more than two colors in a gradient. So pretty!

    1. Thank you!

      I did worry about fitting three colours on my shorter nails - the trick is to paint very thin stripes on the sponge.

  2. Beautiful, giving the feel of a true holiday and reminding me that I need one lol


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