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British Nail Bloggers: W7 Suede Collection

Greetings All! This post is very picture heavy!

Is it that time already? Time for a British Nail Blogger post! This week my BNB post is about a British brand that I love, W7. I've been noticing their Suede collection popping up, I think it's fairly new (or at least, new to me!), and I do a love a matte/suede polish so I snapped up the whole collection!

Look, I even made a lovely collage of them! They come in 6 colours, and as you can see they pretty much do what it is says on the bottle! They dry very quickly to a suede finish.

A little bit of housekeeping to keep from repeating myself - these all took 2 or 3 coats. From the opacity of the polish, which is slightly thicker than normal polish, you would think they were one coaters but I found application to be very challenging. They dry SO quickly, too quickly in fact. Using the standard three stroke application method, I found the middle stroke had begun to dry by the time I was doing the side strokes, and this caused the polish to drag and streak and generally apply pretty horribly! This in turn led to uneven coats. They were also difficult to cleanup/remove, because there is so much glitter and shimmer packed in that just would not budge!

I've also included pictures with topcoat. Personally I wouldn't put topcoat over these, or any matte polish as it ruins the whole point of it, but I know lots of you like to see it anyway. Having said that, I much preferred the OPI Liquid Sands with topcoat, so maybe I would topcoat them!

First up is Aqua. This is a lovely bright blue. It's name is very fitting because it just reminds me of water!

A lovely colour, and a beautiful finish! Here it is with topcoat

As you can see, it turns very metallic with topcoat. They are basically matte metallic polishes. I really like this colour though. It's perfect for Summer! It's very rich and shimmery.

Next we have Pink, which is your typical rosy colour. Personally I would have liked a more sugary pink, as this reminds me a little bit of old ladies nail polish!

It's not really my colour, and I think the finish isn't really helping. It reminds me of my Nan's lipstick, or something like that. Quite an old fashioned colour. Here it is with topcoat.

You can also begin to see in these pictures that all the shimmer is in fact silver (when you remove it, the colour comes off first, leaving just silver shimmer on your nail). This actually looks better with topcoat I think!

Now for Mauve. This is more like it! A dusty, deep purple with lots of silvery shimmer.

I like how this is kind of purple and silver at the same time. It's a rich, dark shade, but all the silver really lightens it up. I think there's something kind of 'sci fi' about this shade, and I like it! Again, here it is with topcoat.

Again, the purple and silver are playing very nicely with each other. Also this shade is super metallic!

So those were the three 'bright' colours. Now for the more 'neutral' colours!

Night suede was always going to be my favourite on paper. Black suede polish? Give it all to me. All of it. But really this isn't actually black, or there is too much silver for it to be black. It's a really deep. dark, pewter colour.

As you can see, not quite black! It reminds me a lot of school skirts and pencils! I'll be honest, I was hoping for a pure black. but this is still nice, and is maybe slightly more sophisticated than plain black.

With topcoat you can definitely see how pewter-y (?) this is. It's very gothic, and I'm starting to think that this was a better option than plain black. It's still dark and moody, but it has that slight edge to it.

Next is Gold. I do love a gold polish, and I really like this. It's quite a subtle colour, in fact it's nearly suitable for work!

Once again the silver is really visible in it, but it's a nice colour. Probably more of a silvery bronze than gold, but I think it looks really stunning with the suede finish

Personally I think topcoat ruins this one a bit. Yes it's still pretty, but nowhere near as special!

Last but not least, we have Silver. This stuff is basically Glam Rock in a bottle, in fact I defy you to find a nail polish that is more Glam Rock than this!

I look at these, and I can hear David Bowie (actually it's Flight of the Concords being David Bowie, but still!). They're even louder with topcoat.

This is what was in my head

So, a mixed bag here. Application was really bad, but there are some lovely colours, and I do love the suede effect. Hopefully I can get used to the formula with practice, and it won't just put me off wearing them again! Maybe a matte basecoat might help with the dragging - either way further testing is needed! My favourites are Gold, Night, Mauve and Silver. 

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  1. Loving the blue and the purple!

  2. pah!!!! I DIDN'T know there was a black - I got the blue and purple in fact I posted them today, but I'm going to be breaking my no buy again for the black.

  3. I love suedes, but I feel like all these colors have been done (and are in my stash :-)...except for the that I could use! And Bowie's In Space? OMG made my day! Thanks!

  4. Ooh I'm loving this effect!


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